Sledgehammer showcases MW3 multiplayer gameplay

Sledgehammer showcases MW3 multiplayer gameplay
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Alex Garton


14th Sep 2023 14:45

Now the developers have finally shown off what the remastered MW2 (2009) maps are going to look like, excitement is at an all-time high for Modern Warfare 3.

While there were concerns the visual upgrades might take away from the classic feel of the iconic locations, Sledgehammer has assured players the new versions will still retain their OG designs, aside from a few changes, including a controversial one on Rust.

Either way, the most important part of MW3 will be the gameplay. Seeing this, the devs have finally shared a clip of what it's going to look like. While extremely short, it does give us a glimpse of the movement and how it's going to feel to traverse the maps in MW3.

First look at MW3 multiplayer gameplay

Taking to Twitter on September 13, popular Call of Duty account CharlieINTEL shared a clip of MW3's movement and gameplay.

While brief, it showcases a player running around the remastered Highrise and climbing up to the helicopter pad. They then jump onto the scaffolding and make their way towards the iconic crane - a fan favourite spot for Intervention users back in the day.

Despite only being seven seconds of footage, it already reveals that MW3's movement is going to be significantly faster than MW2.

Not only that, the gameplay looks incredibly fluid, with the player able to traverse the environment with ease. It's clear the devs want you to be able to find power positions by mantling onto objects and landmarks that you couldn't interact with back in 2009.

Call of Duty fans impressed with MW3's movement

Call of Duty MW3
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As expected, Call of Duty fans are overwhelmingly impressed with the movement and gameplay they've seen, with some arguing it already looks infinitely better than MW2.

"Is it possible that this alone looks better than the last 365 days of COD?" said one user, with another claiming, "This actually looks slick, much more fluid, more exciting and combined with the OG maps is just a huge W."

Now, all eyes are on the open beta, which will give fans their first proper taste of MW3 multiplayer. While the CoD community is satisfied so far, the real test will be them experiencing the gameplay first-hand.

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