This MW3 loadout might be the worst we've seen so far

This MW3 loadout might be the worst we've seen so far
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17th May 2024 12:23

We've all used our fair share of terrible loadouts in Call of Duty, but this particular MW3 build takes it to places we've not seen before - quite literally in this case!

Weapon loadouts can go wrong in so many different ways, from poor recoil to terrible damage - but rarely have I ever seen a build that removes your ability to actually see where you're shooting, until now that is.

New Aftermarket Parts kit blocks vision in MW3

Aftermarket Parts typically enhance a weapon's strength, and with the addition of the JAK Patriot kit to the M16 we've seen it go from strength to strength. However, one unfortunate consequence is that these new conversions don't always go well with existing parts, leading to some rather unfortunate configurations.

Image of the JAK Patriot conversion kit for the M16 in MW3
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Reddit used u/Benrefle has discovered that using the JAK Patriot kit with the Razorhawk Laser and MORS dot sight results in you not being able to see anything at all. This is, as you can imagine, rather suboptimal if you're looking to pick up any kills, and you might instead just have to rely on trusty hipfire until you can change it back.

"What you're seeing is advanced warfare," one commenter jokes - but I'd be surprised if this takes on in any meaningful capacity.

Vision issues plague other parts too

It doesn't seem to be limited to the M16 either, as one commenter on the thread remarks that the Razorhawk laser "blocks a lot of MWII iron sights and low-mounted sights because it's so much more bulkier than the other lasers."

While it might be clear once you're aware of the issue in-game, it's definitely something to look out for as the loadout screen doesn't indicate any issues.

Another user compared this build and overriding issue to "the Tarkov gunsmith experience", and as someone who has played a tonne of Escape from Tarkov, I can tell you that we've all had that moment when you load in and a front sight is slap-bang in the middle of your reticle.

Hopefully, Sledgehammer Games can rectify this issue with an upcoming patch, even if it amounts to lowering the height of the laser itself, as the last thing we all want is to spend ages crafting our perfect build only for it to be rendered useless when you load into a match.

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