Call of Duty fans clash over Black Ops 6 guns in MW3

Call of Duty fans clash over Black Ops 6 guns in MW3
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17th May 2024 12:45

The lead-up to a new Call of Duty game is always one of the most exciting times for fans of the series, but what if there was a way to increase the hype by integrating weapons from the new game into the current one ahead of its release?

After all, the guns themselves are perhaps the most exciting part of each game and define much of the enjoyment within the community. However, the suggestion appears to have split the community, with some dying to get a sneak peek and others worried about things becoming stale.

Could we see Black Ops 6 guns in MW3?

TheGhostOfHope proposed the idea on X (formerly Twitter) that "It'd be cool if we got Black Ops 6 guns ahead of time in MWIII battle pass/events in the upcoming seasons, and the progression from levelling them carries forward."

This idea, while not too dissimilar to the way that open betas for recent Call of Duty titles have worked, seems to have stirred the pot in the CoD community, with fans falling on both sides of the argument.

While Hope is obviously on board with his idea and states that it would be a "good way to generate hype", one commenter has argued that "by the time the game drops, we gonna be bored of those weapons."

Part of their opposition to the idea seems to come from them thinking it would be all of the weapons instead of a select few - but the notion still persists. While it would be a refreshing way to introduce players to the new game's systems, would the official launch seem like less of an 'event' if you've already had a slice of the cake?

This has happened before

Image of the M1 Garand in Call of Duty Vanguard
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If you look back to a few years ago, you'll find that a similar system has actually been implemented before, with the M1 Garand and STG44 both joining Black Ops Cold War ahead of the release of Vanguard.

While it did get players hyped to a certain extent, it also highlighted issues with importing weapons from another game with different systems, as both weapons proved to be extremely powerful.

Hope remarks that the implementation of both weapons was "broken as f*** cause diff[erent] engines," so it's easy to see why both the developers and the community would be hesitant not to cause another issue like this again.

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