The CDL in the grand scheme of things has had a positive start, although the challengers portion has received major criticism

21:00, 18 Feb 2020

The Call of Duty League is off to a solid start, as both Minnesota and London have gone off without too many hitches. However, there’s a whole other side to the CDL that many don’t get to see or even hear of. This is due to the fact that the league doesn’t showcase it that often. Of course, we’re talking about the CDL Challengers.

What changes can be made for the Challengers?

As of right now, the CDL Challengers matches are not streamed on any official channel. While the league does offer small updates every now and then, there’s not too much coverage. 

Though some attendees stream the event through channels like Periscope, the quality and information aren’t that great. It’s because of this that many Challenger players have requested the CDL do more for their league. 

In the past, Open Bracket events have been streamed at various events throughout the year. When Call of Duty was on Twitch, there were multiple streams for every match that took place. This sometimes included the Open Bracket events, which are equivalent to the Challengers league today. 

So, the league clearly has the capability to stream the matches. Most fans would even accept some of the high-profile games to be streamed on a secondary YouTube channel. This would bring more exposure to the league as a whole and give Challengers more notoriety. 

There is definitely some top talent in the Challengers league, as we’ve seen in both events thus far. So, more exposure for these players could help them land a spot on an actual CDL roster. 

Also, if the matches were streamed, it would give organizations more incentive to roster a squad and allow them to travel to each event. 

Activision, hopefully, has future plans for the CDL Challengers. However, if they don’t, we could see a mass exodus from players who don’t think it’s worth it to participate in a league that doesn’t receive attention. 

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