Call of Duty players call out ‘pudgy’ Lara Croft Operator

Call of Duty players call out ‘pudgy’ Lara Croft Operator
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Tom Chapman


30th Aug 2023 13:52

Two worlds are colliding, and giving us a crossover for the ages, Call of Duty and Tomb Raider are coming together. While we know Lara Croft is getting a brand-new game from Crystal Dynamics, it's been five years since Shadow of the Tomb Raider last gave her a proper outing (excluding Tomb Raider Reloaded).

In this Lara limbo, the gaming icon has been resigned to collaborations with the likes of Fortnite. As the CoDverse continues its Fortnitification, Lara Croft is destined to join other Operators, including Terminator, Snoop Dogg, and Nicki Minaj.

Call of Duty players call out Lara Croft Operator

Activision has given us our best look yet at the Lara Croft Operator before she lands in the store. These pop culture Operators have already caused a stir, but now, Lara is being called out for her appearance alone. Seriously, is this still a thing?

Critiquing the two screenshots, one said, "What's up with her face? It looks kinda pudgy. Looks alright in the first, but looks cross-eyed and too small for her head in the second." Another grumbled, "This went from Tomb Raider to Crypt Robber."

A third added, "I was confused why everyone was concerned with her face as it looks fine in the first picture. Then I saw the second one. It's very 'derpy' lol." The harshest comment says, "The character design is atrocious who signed off on this ?!!??? The face is fuglyyy."

The designers have tried to combine both the modern and classic Tomb Raider looks, with a lot saying it hasn't landed. Others quite like the idea of "new" Lara sporting her old pistols, hoping that this is a glimpse at her future aesthetic. 

Lara Croft gets the Horizon treatment

Call of Duty Lara Croft Operator
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Infinity Ward

Once again, we find ourselves facing a small minority calling out a female video game character purely based on appearance. We know you want to see your favourites transition faithfully into another title, but to brand the Lara Croft Operator as "pudgy" or "fugly" seems a bit far.

We're reminded of when Horizon's Aloy was also dragged for having a "hairy" face, or what about when the recent Fable reveal was also branded "ugly," proving some of you have never played a Fable game or heard of character customisation? 

At the end of the day, the smash and bang of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone mean you likely don't have much chance to study the Lara Croft Operator and critique her eyebrows for being "too arched." Ultimately, we'd be more annoyed about the fortune you'll have to shell out for the skin alone, not whether Lara has the same cheekbone structure as Angelina Joline.

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