Scump Claims Jet Pack Era Is Better Than New Slide Cancelling Age

Scump Claims Jet Pack Era Is Better Than New Slide Cancelling Age

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Jack Marsh


25th Aug 2022 10:56

The history of Call of Duty can be sliced up into different ages and eras that depict different styles of gameplay based on the core mechanics and historical setting. The beige period kicked life off with Call of Duty 1, leading up to World at War, before the franchise erupted with Modern Warfare 2. Here, the golden age took over, blessing us with titles like Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 3, proving to be the most popular games ever produced by Activision.

The jetpack era, however, was not well received at the time, nearly killing Call of Duty. Starting with Advanced Warfare, the exo-suits and jetpacks lasted for four years, before Black Ops 4 began to start bringing boots back to the floor. 

Despite its reception at the time, some fans have reminisced over some of the games in recent years, and regret not cherishing the likes of Advanced Warfare. One of these fans is Call of Duty legend Seth "Scump" Abner, who has now dubbed the current period as the "Slide Cancelling era" and claimed jetpacks were better. Much better.

Scump Slams 'Slide Cancelling Era' of CoD

"I would love a year of no slide cancelling," claimed Scump in a recent OpTic Gaming podcast. "I would love it, holy sh*t," he said. The 'King' of Call of Duty has previously expressed his hopes that Modern Warfare 2 will come without the mechanic, claiming it will add years on to his career.

The exasperated pro believes that the camera-breaking mechanic is not skilful, given that you can kill players in three bullets. "It's like shooting at ghosts," added Matthew "FormaL" Piper.

"It's such an unneeded mechanic in the game, like what's the point?" questioned Scump. With Modern Warfare 2 reportedly ditching slide cancelling though, Scump added that he doesn't want the game and the movement to slow down, rather just get back to "sprint-camering, jump-camering, and drop-shotting".


Scump Claims Jetpacks Were Better Than Slide Cancelling

"Slide cancelling is the same as jetpacks. It's literally a different era of CoD," Scump said, grouping together the titles from Modern Warfare 2019 onwards. 

"I would much rather have jetpacks. Slide cancelling, urgh, I can't even [start]. I don't like slide cancelling."

Scump has seen success in both eras of Call of Duty, although his world championship ring came with jetpacks during Infinite Warfare. Since though, Scump has won championships on Modern Warfare 2019 and Vanguard, proving that he's still making no matter what the movement is like.

For Modern Warfare 2, OpTic's squad will be sticking together, and if Scump gets his own way with the movement, it could be a year to define the latter stages of his legacy.

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