Scump begs CoD devs to stop adding ‘reskinned Warzone maps’

Scump begs CoD devs to stop adding ‘reskinned Warzone maps’
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Jack Marsh


31st May 2023 17:10

Call of Duty has undeniably begun to favour the battle royale experience in recent years, as Warzone continues to heavily influence the design process of annual releases like Modern Warfare 2.

But, with Warzone plummeting and multiplayer continuing to fight back and gain traction with loyal players, it might now be time to start rewarding that community again by placing your eggs in the core multiplayer basket.

At least that's what Call of Duty legend Seth "Scump" Abner thinks. Scump, has won Majors in both multiplayer and Warzone, and now, he's demanding that the CoD devs stop adding "reskinned Warzone maps" for multiplayer.

Scump demands 'actual Call of Duty maps' for multiplayer

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Speaking on the recent OpTic Gaming podcast, Scump was joined by Hector "H3CZ" Rodriguez, Antony "Methodz" Zinni, and Marcus "MBoZe" Banks, as they discussed the looming impacts of a YouTube sponsorship deal for the CDL and whether it could "kill" the esport scene.

After settling that the CDL needs to stay on Twitch, Scump also claimed that Call of Duty could "blow up" if they made a game specifically tailored towards multiplayer instead of a hash of Warzone content being snipped together.

"All that needs to happen is a good Call of Duty game and it [CDL] needs to stay on Twitch, and it will blow up," says Scump.  "Stop giving us reskinned Warzone maps and give us actual Call of Duty maps," he added.

Out of the 10 launch multiplayer maps, only three have not been involved in Warzone or Ground War maps - or are not rumoured to be in the case of Breenbergh Hotel and Las Almas - with Crown Raceway, Farm 18, and El Asilo being original designs.

Pro players have also played on four reskinned Warzone maps all season, in Al Bagra, Embassy, Zarqwa Hydroelectric, and Las Almas.

Scump claims a 'good Call of Duty game' will 'blow up'


The Call of Duty legend also claimed that the Warzone-influenced bullet trajectory system (where velocity and bullet drop applies to guns) should be reverted back to hitscan. Together, he's confident these things would allow CoD to blow up (in a good way) once again. 

"Give us hitscan back, none of this bullet travelled time trajectory in multiplayer, it's not the same game. A good game, Twitch [for CDL], and it will blow up," concluded Scump. 

With Sledgehammer Games on the front foot for CoD 2023, only time will tell if it looks at implementing some classic features like Ninja perks and competitively tailored maps, the recipe that Scump thinks will make the game great.

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