Warzone 2 leak suggests secret Season 3 "Vondel" Resurgence map

Warzone 2 leak suggests secret Season 3 "Vondel" Resurgence map
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Jack Marsh


12th Apr 2023 20:51

The more the merrier! Give us everything you have, Activision! If you listen closely you can hear the cheers from fans the world over as Season 3 drops a huge update, and it seems at Call of Duty headquarters, our voices have been heard.

Just as players have covered every nook and cranny of Al Mazrah and Ashika Island, it seems like another Warzone 2 Resurgence map is just around the corner - and may be dropping into the game sooner than anticipated. 

Much like how Fortune's Keep was added, Call of Duty looks set to introduce another Warzone 2 Resurgence map named "Vondel".

Dataminers find new Warzone 2 Resurgence map in game files

Following the Warzone 2 Season 3 update, dataminers have reportedly found the next Warzone Resurgence map within the game files.

While the information is scarce, dataminers have claimed the map is called Vondel and will be set in the Netherlands. It will likely join the map pool alongside Ashika Island too, rather than replace it.

Unfortunately, there is no release date yet, but if it's already included in the Warzone Season 3 files, it could be preparing for launch very soon.

Warzone 2 Resurgence map 'Vondel' reported for Amsterdam setting

From early information, it seems that the Warzone 2 Vondel map will be set in the Netherlands - if it;s real at all.

This could be Activision's most ambitious map yet, given that their only other real-life recreation for a Warzone map is Rebirth Island, which depicts Alcatraz.

Interestingly though, the campaign has already shown just how stunning their adaptation of Amsterdam actually is

The Vondel Resurgence map could also incorporate the core multiplayer map Breenburgh Hotel, which is a recreation of the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam.

Still, take it with a pinch of salt - there's every chance the files are a red herring, or leftover from a cancelled map that won't see the light of day.

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