Ridiculous Modern Warfare 2 Field Upgrade Tells Enemies Where You Are

Ridiculous Modern Warfare 2 Field Upgrade Tells Enemies Where You Are
Images: Infinity Ward

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Joseph Kime


27th Sep 2022 09:04

Modern Warfare 2's beta testing is in full swing, and naturally, some fans aren't exactly convinced yet. We have a vague idea of what the game's final product will look like, but there are a lot of problems that need ironing out.

Many fans are interpreting these teething problems as bugs that will appear in the final product, despite it being… y'know… a beta test. Issues are rife, but that's what the testing is for, and the game remains a bit of a haven for bizarre features. Now, one Modern Warfare 2 field upgrade has proven itself to be practically redundant.

What Is Modern Warfare 2's Dead Silence?

Field upgrades are a familiar feature in Call of Duty, with the deployable perks serving as an interesting way to put a spin on the game. One many players are accustomed to is Dead Silence, a temporary buff that lets players dart around almost silently - giving them the tactical advantage in moments where players need to sneak up on others.

The new edition of the field upgrade doesn't include the first Modern Warfare's speed boost, and not only is it crucially not silent, but it also plays a loud sound effect that practically signals your position to enemy players. So it's a stealth perk that makes you less stealthy than before and also paints a target on your back. Cool.

The Dead Silence application in Modern Warfare 2 isn't quite how it is in Warzone. As footage shows, there's a loud beep, and then a pair of players are downed because their position is given away by Dead Silence. Although there were plenty of calls for it to be nerfed after its first MW2 showcase, we don't think anyone thought it would end up like this.


Fans React To Bizarre Field Upgrade Changes

As you can imagine, fans are utterly baffled by the changes made to Dead Silence, and they've taken to Twitter to express their confusion and rage. They should've probably changed the name to Dead Loud.


The beta is sure to fix the field upgrade shortly, but even so, it's a pretty funny mistake for the perk designed to keep players quiet to make. We're secretly hoping the sound effect gets louder, to be honest. Remember though, it's not a bug, it's all part of the testing process.

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