Rideable Halo Warthog Has Already Won Christmas

Rideable Halo Warthog Has Already Won Christmas
343 Industries | Walmart

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Joseph Kime


1st Nov 2022 15:20

With Christmas rearing its head after the conclusion of spooky month, we can probably expect a lot of gaming-themed tat to crawl out of the woodwork. Now that physical game sales have tanked in the wake of the digital storefront, it's all many gaming stores have at this stage - figures, plushies, t-shirts, and themed Monopoly sets.

It has come down to bric-a-brac to support a once flourishing market, and as is the case for much of it, it's all a bit pants, really. But that might be about to change with an actual driveable Halo Warthog. No, really.

How Can You Buy The Rideable Halo Warthog

Halo Rideable Warthog Walmart
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Walmart has come through with a gaming gift for the ages, as it just revealed a brand-new rideable Warthog. It's pretty kid-sized, but we reckon you'll find a way in.

The 24 Volt Halo Warthog Ride-On is packed with a 9mph top speed, and it comes with a laser tag vest and blaster too, so you can finally live out your dreams of becoming Master Chief (providing you can squeeze into the vest).

The Warthog has its own voice commands and Gauss Cannon mounted on the back = making it the perfect replication of the Warthog we know and remember from the games. The only trouble is, it's probably going to run you a pretty penny.

Halo's Warthog Is Just Under $500

Phew. If you want your own Warthog, you'd probably expect that it'd cost you one hell of a sum, and the Walmart vehicle is available for a strong $498.

It's probably a pretty reasonable price, especially given that it's an actual Warthog. Even so, we're not so sure we could shell out for a vehicle we can't be sure we'll squeeze into. Still, we're willing to bet that scooting around in a wee Warthog has to be great fun. If only there were some mini Grunts to splatter with it.

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