Apex Legends is levelling the playing field

12:47, 27 Jul 2020

Respawn has confirmed Apex Legends crossplay will not happen. The gaming developer said it won’t have battles affected by matching console players with those on PC. After some were worried that mouse and keyboard rivals would dominate Apex Legends, Respawn has assured its fanbase the two sides will largely be kept apart (for now). 

Alongside the announcement that the battle royale brawler will launch on Nintendo Switch later this year, one of the big takeaways from EA Play Live 2020 was the upcoming Apex Legends crossplay capabilities. Since the reveal, console players have expressed concerns that they could be matched with quick-fingered PC counterparts. 

Apex Legends Crossplay

Speaking in a TikTok video (first discovered by DBLTAP),  Apex software engineer Jake Smullin explained that crossplay won’t see PC owners dominate console competition. Smullin said he was aware that "lots of console players worrying about this", but added that unless a PC player is already part of your fireteam, you won’t be matched. 

 "Wanted to clear something up about crossplay”, said Smullin. “You will only be in PC crossplay lobbies if you have a PC player on your team. Have been seeing lots of console players worrying about this but don't. Everyone should be excited.” So no need to worry about the Apex Legends crossplay!

Apex Legends Crossplay

News that Respawn has taken platform balance into account is a positive step and shows just how much the developer is invested in improving the whole Apex experience. However, even if Apex Legends is trying to level the playing field, that doesn’t mean the whole M&K drama is slowing down any time soon.

The idea that the traditional mouse and keyboard gives PC players an advantage has become a controversial issue, with even Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan calling out this competitive imbalance. Kaplan has previously appealed for fans to contact manufacturers and “respectfully” air their concerns. 

As Electronic Arts also doubles down on its Apex Legends experience and plans to soft launch a mobile version by the end of 2020, the game has put other shooters firmly in its crosshairs. Here’s hoping console and PC players “click" when Apex Legends crossplay is introduced. 

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