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17:10, 22 Jul 2020

Revenant sprang onto the Apex Legends scene at the beginning of Season 4, following his rather unorthodox way of entering the Apex Games: by killing the competition; Forge.

Revenant is a simulacrum, a human consciousness (in this case, of a legendary hitman) ported into a robot shell, whose only goal in life is to kill, and kill a lot.

The Offensive class Legend has received mixed reviews by Apex players, with some loving the murderous assassin, and others finding his abilities near-useless in the heat of battle.

Revenant appears in Tier B of our Apex Legends tier list, citing the reason for his lower ranking as his abilities “leaving much to the imagination” with his Ultimate Death Totem being reasonably hard to use successfully. His pick-rate percentage (on PC) lingers around the 4-5% mark, very poor compared to Wraith at around 25-30%.

Revenant is an unlockable Legend, so if you don’t already own the character, you can unlock him with 12,000 Legend Tokens (earned via XP) or 750 Apex Coins (the Apex Legends currency).

Before we go into how to successfully use the simulacrum in matches, let’s delve into his abilities in our Apex Legends Revenant Guide.

Passive: Stalker

Revenant can crouch-walk at the same speed as walking, as well as climbing walls twice as high as his fellow Legends, and 25% faster at that.

Tactical: Silence

Revenant can throw two Silencing devices (with a Grenade arc throw) which deal 10 damage on impact, and further damage by coming into contact with the cloud it leaves behind. Silence prevents enemy Legends from activating their Tactical and Ultimate abilities, if not already in use.

Cooldown: 25 Seconds

Ultimate: Death Totem

Those Apex players who joined in on the Fight or Fright Limited-Time mode during Halloween 2019 will recognise the effect the Death Totem has on whoever uses it. Revenant can create and place a Death Totem, which when interacted with, turns the player into a Shadow for 30 seconds, during which time you cannot use healing items and your Body Shield health will take no damage. 

Shadows are technically immortal until the Shadow Form ends (30 secs) and upon death will return to the Totem with 50HP max.

Cooldown: 180 Seconds

Apex Legends Revenant Guide
Death Totem



Well, as a Passive, this ability is always available to use – so use it often. Take advantage of Revenant’s high-climbing and fast crouch-walking to get the drop on unsuspecting enemies. Climbing higher (and faster) than any other Legend can make or break a reposition and give Rev the height he needs for brilliant sniping opportunities.

Flanking and retreating using Stalker is also incredibly useful, as Revenant can scale most buildings in a flash – use this to your advantage to sneak into windows behind camping teams, or run away effectively…

Approaching a team for close-quarters combat can be done easily also – crouch-walk speedily and you stay relatively hidden, especially when fighting in locations with lots of buildings to use as cover, such as Skyhook or Fragment East/West.


Silencing enemies’ abilities not only deals a small bit of damage, but of course disables their Tactical and Ultimate abilities for 10 seconds, meaning Gibraltar can’t panic-throw a Bombardment, and Wraith can’t void-walk away. 

Teaming up with trapper characters works best for Rev, such as Wattson or Caustic, as you lure enemy teams into your building, using Silence will effectively cage them in, and let the gas and electricity do the rest.

In high-octane fights, throwing out a Silence can sway the fight, especially with movement Legends such as Wraith, who won’t be able to retreat using her Tactical.

Use Silence to guard doorways, by throwing it at the door, meaning any enemy who passes through will be hurt and silenced, allowing you to attack them with a slight advantage. In the same vein, using Silence to guess where a team may be hiding can be effective. If you suspect a team may be camping a building, chuck a Silence in. Even if it doesn’t hit anyone on impact, passing through it will alert you to their location. 


The placement of the Death Totem is the most important part of using Revenant’s Ult. As you and your team will return to the Totem upon being “knocked”, make sure it isn’t placed in plain sight, to stop enemies from camping your return. Our top tip is to team up with a Wraith, place the Totem in the ideal location (hidden) and place a Portal leading even further away. 

Place the Totem when your squad decides to third-party, as even if it all goes wrong, you’ll return with merely a scratch, and can easily back out of the fight. 

Be careful to watch where the Ring is going, as placing your Totem in the burny place will mean you return to it there, causing your HP to decrease rapidly.

Using Revenant effectively comes down to knowing how to use his abilities to the best of Your ability. If you’re a player who relies on the element of surprise, Rev is the Legend for you.

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