Paramount+ Halo Series Slammed By The Game's Creator

Paramount+ Halo Series Slammed By The Game's Creator
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Joseph Kime


20th May 2022 11:23

The Paramount+ Halo series has endured little more than absolute backlash from fans of the game series. What was once thought to be an opportunity for the story of Master Chief to make it into the living rooms of the uninitiated, actually turned out to be an entirely new story that uses the world of Halo.

As well as the narrative of the show being different, Master Chief won't stop removing his helmet and is actually getting some action too - which is not what fans wanted. And clearly, it's not just long-term fans that are mad, either - because one of the game's original creators has spoken out about the show.

What Has The Halo Co-Creator Said About The Series? 

One of the original co-creators of the Halo series has spoken out on Twitter about his feelings on the Paramount+ Halo series, and has suggested that it's drastically different to his creation.

In response to a fan on Twitter mentioning that they struggle to engage with the series due to the creative agency it takes to diverge from the game series, Marcus Lehto has said "Yeah, I'm not sure where the inspiration for the show comes from now. Not the Halo I made." Blimey.

It may not seem like the kindest thing to say about the show, but Lehto has since clarified his statement wasn't one of disdain.


Does Marcus Lehto Hate The Halo Show?

In response to a quote tweet from a fan suggesting that he was actually speaking out against the show as a whole, Lehto clarified "I didn't say I hate the show. Some parts are interesting. Just confused by many of the choices that were made which feel pretty far outside the core fiction I helped create."

Lehto has gone on to make sure that fans know that he doesn't hate the Halo series - he's just confused as to where its narrative strands have actually come from. It's interesting to see Lehto take such a stance, and it's telling of just how far from the source material the series itself is. Halo series haters, consider yourselves vindicated.


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