New Rogue Company Map To Be Designed By Dr Disrespect

New Rogue Company Map To Be Designed By Dr Disrespect

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Jack Marsh


11th Aug 2020 15:35

Dr Disrespect has had a challenge accepted by Rogue Company developers to design a new map for the third-person shooter, named 'The Arena'.

After reaching out via Twitter, the Doc said "Hey @RogueCompany, I like this game. Let me design a map. I'll bring some Violence, Speed, and Momentum with the design. Easy guarantee".

Rogue Company, owned by Hi-Riz Studios, responded giving him 24 hours to design the basics of the map, challenging him to build an 'instant classic' before the deadline before further discussions can be had.

Not one to lie down to a challenge, Dr Disrespect later tweeted the design to the map.

In response, Rogue Company stated: "Okay Dr, you’ve clearly got the skills. We’ll be providing whatever resources you need to bring The Arena to life in 3D. Actually, scratch that. We need it bigger than life - yesterday! We’re all counting on you". 

The Arena seems to be in fruition, and with the quickly evolving nature of Rogue Company, combined with the Docs renowned work ethic, we may be seeing it sooner, rather than later.

Still in its beta since its release on July 20, Rogue Company has quickly attracted some huge streamers alongside Dr Disrespect, such as Aceu and Nadeshot. Boasting some high paced action Rogue Company currently has eight maps named:

  • Factory
  • Favelas
  • High Castle
  • Icarus
  • Canals
  • Skyfell
  • Windward
  • Vice

As the beta continues to develop, Hi-Rez Studios have already shown that they are keen to develop the game quickly, planning buffs to Rogues such as Vy, Three new Rogues, and introducing a 2020 roadmap which included the news of a new map coming to Rogue Company named 'Vice'. Dr Disrespect will have to wait until Vice has been released for 'The Arena' to hit our screens, should his proposal come to fruition.

The Doc took to YouTube to stream his first experience of Rogue Company after his Twitch ban which occurred on June 26. The well-documented ban for the 'two-times World Champion' has seen him head to YouTube to create content, initially releasing his song 'Alleyways' on July 17, followed by another song 'Red Skies' on August 7.

His recent video 'Dr Disrespect - LIVE - What is Rogue Company?' is his first time streaming footage of a game since he disappeared from Twitch mid-video over six weeks ago. With YouTube looking like the Docs new streaming platform, Rogue Company and other gaming fans alike will be eagerly anticipating his next video.

Stay tuned at GGRecon for more Dr Disrespect and Rogue Company news.


Image via Twitter | @DrDisrespect 

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