The first rogue to receive a buff in Rogue Company will be the poisonous 'Vy'

11:13, 30 Jul 2020

Rogue Company has so far attracted some huge streamers since it released it's closed beta, attracting the likes of Aceu and Nadeshot to play the 4v4 search and destroy shooter.

Since its release on July 20, many players have been getting to grips with each Rogue, which come with unique abilities and weaponry. One Rogue which you'll scarcely see is 'Vy', as she finds herself at the bottom end of most Rogue Tier Lists. Her ability is somewhat complex and lacks in power, whilst her weapons are very standard for the game-style that she attracts. However, she is set to receive a significant buff according to a Rogue Company designer, Scott Lussier.

In his Twitter post, he explains that Vy's ability will double in power which directly correlates to her passive ability.

By doubling the rate that she 'leeches' health from opponents caught within her ball of poison, she will quickly fill up her health to a maximum of 125 whilst shredding health from enemies. This will allow her to have a much better chance in 1v1 gunfights, with a much larger health advantage. 

Furthermore, if you hit multiple opponents with the poison, her max health will fly up, and it makes for a good duo with an explosive player like Dima who can clean up weakened enemies. 

Rogue Company is very much in its teething stage, and it's likely that this will be the first of many rogues to undergo changes before a competitive mode is introduced and the full game is released. 

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Image via Rogue Company | HiRez Studios

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