New-Gen Red Dead Redemption 2 Reportedly In The Works

New-Gen Red Dead Redemption 2 Reportedly In The Works
Rockstar Games

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Tom Chapman


11th May 2022 09:12

It's time to saddle up for the latest rumour roundup, as it looks like Rockstar Games might be working on another new-gen port. Hopefully, it won't be another dumpster fire like Grove Street Games' maligned GTA Trilogy

We've heard plenty about a new-gen remaster of 2010's Red Dead Redemption, but now, there are whispers that Rockstar will ride into town on a much younger horse to give 2018's Red Dead Redemption 2 a lick of new-gen paint. We say, why not both?

Is A New-Gen Red Dead Redemption 2 On The Way?

Red Dead Redemption 2
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Rockstar Games

It took Rockstar a year to bring Red Dead Redemption 2 to PC and Google Stadia, but four years after release, could it really be getting a new-gen facelift? Trusted leaker AccountNgt is here with the scoop, simply saying "I don't have much", but assuring fans a native new-gen RDR2 is on the horizon.

At the time of writing, you can easily play the cowboy caper on PS5 and Xbox Series - with the advanced hardware offering some performance boosts. However, a fully native new-gen version would be a huge improvement. The fact AccountNgt has deleted their original tweet suggests it could be a fake, but then again, they could have been told to remove it from up high.

Alongside better load times and the potential of adding new content in terms of another DLC, a new-gen Red Dead Redemption 2 has plenty of potential. Added to this, who wouldn't want to see an official Undead Nightmare 2 after the 2010 DLC was heralded as one of the greatest of all time?


Are Multiple Red Dead Games On The Way?

Before deleting their tweets, AccountNgt reiterated a new-gen version of the original Red Dead Redemption is still in the works. Sadly, there was no update about a possible Red Dead Redemption 3. Looking at how many GTA games there have been over the years - and remembering RDR2 is held as a GOAT - it's only a matter of time until the franchise continues. We're also asking, where is that supposed Mexican expansion for RDR2

In January, AccountNgt said much of the same (and deleted it), so we don't know why they've given another update with seemingly no evidence. With continued reports of a new-gen Red Dead Redemption, and now its sequel, would the pair be lumped together in a double pack or be saved for individual releases? Either way, we're ready to tip our stetsons to John Marston and Arthur Morgan all over again. 


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