New-gen Fallout 4 hints at New Vegas 2

New-gen Fallout 4 hints at New Vegas 2
Bethesda | Obsidian Entertainment

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Tom Chapman


6th Apr 2023 12:50

Have our apocalyptic prayers been answered, are we finally getting Fallout: New Vegas 2? While Bethesda and Obsidian Entertainment aren't ready to confirm it just yet, it looks like Mr. House could be ready to spin the roulette wheel in some form.

While Bethesda busied itself on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Obsidian took up the challenge of developing a spin-off game to satisfy our nuclear hunger. The gamble paid off, and with New Vegas being held as one of the greatest RPGs of all time, we're ready to reroll the dice all over again.

Is Fallout: New Vegas 2 on the way?

Bethesda announced a new-gen Fallout 4 for for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC back in Ocrober 2022, with a broad release date of sometime in 2023. As it's been eight years since Fallout 4 opened the vault, we're excited to see what can be done.

Across the board, the new-gen Fallout 4 will offer bug fixes, performance mode, and the all-important addition of Creation Club content via third-party mods. Basically, it's a whole new Wasteland. Now, a mysterious update to Fallout 4 on SteamDB has hinted that there's more to come from New Vegas.

The cryptic mention of "newvegas2" has set tongues wagging. Although eager beavers are guessing that it's our first confirmation of a New Vegas sequel, others think it's a placeholder for a Creation Club section for New Vegas mods.

One fan wrote, "No no i cant i cant don't give me hope like that all my childhood mems flooding in at a break neck pace," while another added, "This isn't some sort of mod or community addition. It's part of the official fallout 4 database directory. There's no way that this isn't some upcoming announcement of something."

There were critics though, as someone else wrote, "Bethesda is f****d up for doing this knowing full well it ain’t an actual game." Another concluded, "April's Fools was last week."

Where is Fallout: New Vegas 2?

Even if we aren't getting New Vegas 2, dare we hope that it'll be like the new ending to Capcom's Resident Evil 4 remake and tease a New Vegas remake? Industry insider Jeff Grubb previously teased that a return to New Vegas could fill in that Fallout-shaped hole until Fallout 5 eventually release.

Although Game Director Josh Sawyer said he knows where he'd like a New Vegas sequel to be set, Obsidian officially shot down the idea last year. Fans have already made their own New Vegas expansion to Fallout 4, so we hope Bethesda has something else up its sleeve.

New Vegas developers Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky said a New Vegas remaster would be awesome, and while it makes a lot sense, a sequel would be even more welcome. Whether this crytpic code is a way for Bethesda to hype the new-gen Fallout 4 or is something more, we've had enough of Todd Howard's tricks.

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