Resident Evil 4 post-credit scene is bad news for Resident Evil 9

Resident Evil 4 post-credit scene is bad news for Resident Evil 9
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Tom Chapman


29th Mar 2023 16:28

With Capcom's 2023 remake of Resident Evil 4 already being put up there with the 2019 Resident Evil 2 remake as one of the best reimaginings of all time, was any really wondering whether the developer would stop here with the Resiverse?

While we're disappointed we never got that rumoured expanded version of the 2020 Resident Evil 3 remake, the long-rumoured Resident Evil 4 remake was more than worth the wait. As Leon and Ashley ride off into the sunset, everyone is asking what's next.

We've already made our disappointment clear that the developer has seemingly skipped over a Code: Veronica remake, but in terms of where Capcom puts its efforts next, the Resident Evil 4 remake post-credit scene ain't looking good for Resident Evil 9.

Warning: Major Resident Evil 4 spoilers ahead.

What happens in the Resident Evil 4 remake post-credit scene?

Albert Wesker Resident Evil 4 Remake Post-Credit scene
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It's not exactly a surprise that Albert Wesker has a more prominent role in Resident Evil 4. The glasses-wearing goon is arguably the entire franchise's big bad, and while he had a fleeting appearance in the original game's Separate Ways DLC, he popped up here for the Resident Evil 4 remake post-credit scene. 

Here, we see Wesker demanding the Las Plagas sample from Ada Wong - hoping to create the Uroboros  virus and launching it into the atmosphere for "completely global saturation" in Resident Evil 5. You asked for an RE5 remake, and following the post-credit, Capcom should just go ahead and announce it. 

Wesker's computer has a blink-and-you'll-miss-it snap of Excella Gionne - his right-hand woman and Regional Director of TRICELL. There's also the Stairway of the Sun plant that grows in West Africa and is key to Resident Evil 5's plans. It doesn't take a genius to figure out Capcom is suggesting an RE5 remake next.

What's going on with Resident Evil 9?

Resident Evil Village ended with an equally tasty post-credit tease, but with a major time jump into the future, hinted at more from Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 9. Many thought this would be a third game in the Winters Trilogy, but instead, Capcom wrapped that story in the Shadows of Rose DLC.

Apart from a few sketchy rumours that Jill Valentine will return in RE9, no one really knows what's going on. If Capcom is channelling its efforts into an RE5 remake, it further pushes the next mainline game further out. Especially if RE5 sets the scene for an RE6 remake, the ninth title could be a long way off.

Others have taken the end of Ada betraying Wesker differently. If Wesker can't get his hands on the Las Plagas samples, it would nix the events of RE5 and means the developer doesn't have to remake the controversial outing. Then again, most hope a Resident Evil 5 remake can redeem the maligned game. 

Following the glowing reception of the Resident Evil 2 remake, Capcom quickly rolled out RE3 just a year later. We're sure we'd know if a Resident Evil 5 remake was coming out in 2024, meaning the Resiverse could once again be slowing to a crawl. Sigh, maybe we'll get to see Jill's video game arc continue one day. 

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