Obsidian Is ‘Ready’ For Fallout: New Vegas Remaster

Obsidian Is ‘Ready’ For Fallout: New Vegas Remaster
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Tom Chapman


28th Feb 2023 16:43

At this point, we've heard so much about a non-existent Fallout: New Vegas remake, we've come to expect it'll happen day. Much like how we willed Capcom's Resident Evil 4 remake into existence, the stars are aligning for the eventual release of a modern rehash of the Fallout favourite.

It's been 13 years and counting since the Courier stepped out into the Ghoul-filled Mojave Desert - inadvertently giving us one of the greatest spin-offs of all time. More than that, this Fallout gamble is arguably one of the greatest RPGs of all time.

Obsidian Is 'Ready' For A New Vegas Remaster

Fallout New Vegas Remaster
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More than just a hungry horde of radiation-ravaged fans clawing at the doors to the Obsidian Entertainment vault, those behind the scenes are ready to give the apocalyptic adventure a new lick of lead paint.

Speaking to TheGamer, Game Director Tim Cain said he'd love to see a "graphical remaster" of the 2010 legend: "Not that it's up to me, but wouldn't a graphical remaster of Fallout New Vegas be awesome?" He was joined by fellow Game Director Leonard Boyarsky, who added, "It would be awesome."

The pair's musings come after The Outer Worlds Production Director Eric DeMilt said that while graphics aren't Obisidan's priority, he can see the money-making potential in giving New Vegas a "current-gen facelift."

Explaining the love of New Vegas, DeMilt said, "When it came out, it had stability issues. It's overcome those and now people are able to go back to that game, because those characters and the stories are just rich, and people want to be in there."

Where Is Our New Vegas Remaster?

For the time being, Bethesda is busy working on Starfield and then The Elder Scrolls 6 before it can even get to Fallout 5, but isn't that exactly how New Vegas was born? With Bethesda beavering away on Skyrim, New Vegas was used to plug the gap until Fallout 4

There's been plenty of talk about New Vegas 2 now that Obsidian and Bethesda fall under Microsoft, but sadly, nothing has come to pass. We reported on a potential New Vegas remake way back in July 2021, but all this time later, nothing has been made official.

Now, we can add Cain, Boyarsky, and DeMilt to the growing list of those who want to revisit Fallout: New Vegas. Director Josh Sawyer already pitched a sequel set in California, and more recently, Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart said he'd love to make another Fallout.

Sadly, the pieces are in place yet, and in the meantime, we're left modding vampires into New Vegas and relying on fan expansions to keep Mr House in business.

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