Fallout: New Vegas 2 Hopes Officially Shot Down By Obsidian

Fallout: New Vegas 2 Hopes Officially Shot Down By Obsidian
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Tom Chapman


11th Oct 2022 16:37

It was always going to be a "gamble" to deliver Fallout: New Vegas 2, and now, those behind the original game have taken our hopes out into the Mojave Desert and buried them in a shallow grave. Obsidian Entertainment has confirmed it's definitely not working on a "new" New Vegas.

Trying something new sometimes works, and in the case of 2010's Fallout: New Vegas, giving the rusting RPG a splash of neon and spin of the roulette wheel means the house won big on this one. While Bethesda was busy working on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the team at Obsidian was given the chance of a lifetime to create a Fallout spin-off, and boy did it work. 

Is Obsidian Entertainment Working On Fallout: New Vegas 2?

By the time New Vegas came out, we were more than used to the concept of the Wasteland, the Americana that came with it, and blasting ghouls in the face. However, mix this with the warring factions of the New California Republic, Caesar's Legion, and Mr. House, and players couldn't get enough of this bold reinvention of the Fallout name - especially just two years after Fallout 3 did the same with the mainline series.

With Fallout: New Vegas frequently being cited as one of the best RPGs of all time, it's no surprise that the last 12 years have been filled with requests for New Vegas 2. Sadly, Obsidian has firmly shot down the idea, saying it's simply too busy. Posting on Twitter, the developer celebrated the 25th anniversary of Fallout and seemingly mocked the fan outcry that there's no New Vegas 2

The mention from Obsidian that its plate is full refers to the four games currently in development. There's GroundedAvowed from the Pillars of Eternity world, Pentiment, and The Outer Worlds 2. Obsidian could be pulling the wool over our eyes on this one, but to be honest, we think this tweet is the developer's way of asking us to stop asking about New Vegas 2


Is Fallout: New Orleans Next? 

Fallout New Vegas 2
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You only have to look at the replies to see how New Vegas 2 under Obsidian could be massive. One fan sobbed, "You hurt our hearts, but at least you ripped the band aid off and let us know you heard us. Still looking forward to your other projects of course." Another added, "No rush guys.. I just truly truly wish to see another fallout from you at some point. I still play NV to this day," while a third said, "I will continue to live in unrealistic hope."

Way back when, Obsidian confirmed it was working on something called Project Louisiana, but instead of being Fallout: New Orleans it was revealed as Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. Still, there have been lots of whispers about Obsidian heading up New Vegas 2, as well as rumours Microsoft was looking into a sequel. Only recently, an ex Bethesda artist championed a New Orleans setting for Fallout 5, but it's only another step further away from New Vegas 2. For the time being though, we would be putting all our money on red.

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