Fallout superfan wants to put Mr House on the Vegas sphere

Fallout superfan wants to put Mr House on the Vegas sphere
Image via Unsplash - Micael Sáez | Obsidian Entertainment

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Joseph Kime


27th May 2024 11:26

Fallout has come back in a major way, and as long-time Fallout fans, we couldn’t be happier about it.

The Prime series revealed the quiet madness of the Fallout world to new fans, and now long-standing and fresh-faced fans are taking to the wasteland for the very first time, and are finding themselves faced with the biggest question of all - when it comes to taking over Hoover Dam, who do you trust? The army blinded by the grandeur of the before-times, the murderous psychopaths, or a mere face on a screen?

It seems that one fan has already made their mind up, though, and they’re willing to go to extreme lengths to prove that it’s the right choice to the rest of the world.

One fan wants to put Mr House on the Vegas Sphere

The mockup of Mr House on the MSG Sphere on the GoFundMe page to make it happen in real life.
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Image via GoFundMe - Evan Zarsaz


Ever since the gigantic, expensive, blindingly bright Vegas Square appeared, companies have been scrambling to see how creative they can be with their advertising, and as it turns out, ordinary people have been planning some bizarre side-projects to make it to the orb - and now, one Fallout fan has found the perfect use for it.

After a successful Reddit post asking fans if they’d like to see it, Evan Zarsaz has taken to GoFundMe to ask Fallout fans for contributions to bring Mr House to the screen he belongs on - the biggest one in culture.

Let’s get down to business,” Zarsaz says in their post to the crowdfunding site. “As the sole proprietor of the Las Vegas Strip, it's only right that Mr. Robert House of RobCo Industries makes his presence known in the crown jewel of the Mojave.

What once started as a joke has become a full plan, inquiring with the MSG Sphere directly and making plans to cover taxes and surcharges to make the project happen.

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It’s a fantastic push to put Fallout: New Vegas on the advertising world’s s**tposting capital, and it’s probably what Mr House would have wanted. As long as it’s sanitary, he’ll be there.

Joseph Kime
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