Fallout 4 Gets Amazing New Vegas Expansion

Fallout 4 Gets Amazing New Vegas Expansion
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1st Dec 2022 10:04

Most of you likely don't need reminding Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New Vegas is held as one of the greatest RPGs of all time. So, where's the love from Bethesda?

It might fly under the radar a little more than Skyrim, but that hasn't stopped this gambling goliath topping most people's lists. Now, it's being brought back in a big way.

It's been 12 years since Fallout: New Vegas rolled the dice, and while there's disappointment it remains a black sheep of the Fallout family, someone has brought it bang up-to-date inside Fallout 4

What Is Fallout 4's New Vegas Expansion?

Fallout 4 New vegas Expansion
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Nexus Mods

As reported by DSOGaming, there's an all-singing, all-dancing, Fallout 4 expansion that adds New Vegas to the 2015 apocalyptic adventure. Over on Nexus Mods, user ZanthirEAS has released "A Taste of Blues."

The mod is inspired by New Vegas' Old World Blues DLC. Here, Vaultdwellers are sent to the X-49 facility. There are "14 new, faithfully recreated weapons (along with 16 variants), six new clothing / headwear types, seven new aid / misc items, 32 new workshop items, two challenges, and over 40 total rewards, recipes and items to find."

For those who played New Vegas' actual DLC, you'll recognise familiar weapons, including the Sonic Emitter, Pulse Gun, and the K9000 Cyberdog Gun. For those who haven't, you can check out a modernised version of the New Vegas expansion. 

There's a disclaimer confirming this isn't part of any other New Vegas restoration project - of which there are many if you know where to look. For the time being, this is as close as you'll get to revisiting the Mojave Desert. 

Will There Be A New Vegas 2?

Despite Bethesda celebrating the 25th anniversary of Fallout, there have been grumbles about a lack of announcements and overreliance on the divisive Fallout 76. Thankfully, a lack of New Vegas news has spurred the community.

Although hopes of a continuation were seemingly shot down by Obsidian, the game's director explained he'd like to go to California next.

A former Bethesda artist has also championed the idea of Fallout: New Orleans, while the internet is awash with whispers of a New Vegas remake or concepts of what it could look like.

Even as Bethesda (eventually) turns its attention toward Fallout 5, players are hoping there will be another spin of the roulette wheel and a New Vegas sequel from Obsidian to fill the gap between games. In the meantime, Nexus Mods can satisfy your hunger for New Vegas. 

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