Fallout fans invent the most evil vaults you can imagine

Fallout fans invent the most evil vaults you can imagine
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10th May 2024 11:59

If we've learned one thing from video games, it's that giant business conglomerates tend to have their own nefarious plans. From Umbrella to Abstergo Industries, Shinra to Fontaine Futuristics, chances are that if someone seems too nice, they likely are. Still, most pale in comparison to the villainous Vault-Tec.

The technological tyrants of the Fallout series might seem like they've got your best interests at heart, but as Amazon's live-action series proved in one of its big twists, Vault-Tec is an evil megacorp intent on remodelling the world in its own vision and making a not-so-small fortune of humanity at the same time. 

The most sadistic vaults in Fallout

Fallout Vault 12 Ghoul
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Instead of simply sheltering humanity from the ravages of nuclear war, Vault-Tec used its facilities to experiment on its Vault Dwellers. These experiences have become synonymous with the apocalyptic adventure, and with each new game, we can't wait to crack open the vaults to see what went wrong inside. 

Fallout 4's Vault 75 was a particular shocker, with parents being executed and a master race of super-tough kids being raised within its walls. The weak were killed off, and when they reached 18, their genes were harvested. Or, what about driving musicians crazy with Fallout 3's Vault 92?

The original Fallout had the harrowing Vault 12, which was specifically designed with a faulty door so as to study the effects of radiation. New Vegas forced you to make human sacrifices in Vault 11, Vault 77 watched one man descend into madness with puppets, and what about the infamous Garys of Fallout 3's Vault 108?

Fallout fans create their own nightmare vaults

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Fancying themselves as twisted Vault-Tec designers, a group of gamers have cooked up their own experiments on the Fallout subreddit. With the thread Overseer asking what you'd create as a Vault-Tech designer, the top suggestion was a vault of minor inconveniences. 

Redditor u/Dejected_Cyberpsycho conjured up Vault 25, where Vault-Dwellers are faced with lukewarm meals, the temperature never quite being right, and holes in their socks. We can only imagine how a vault of minor inconveniences would soon see those inside snap. 

Someone else imagined Vault 23 in New York City. Here, residents are about to be told what the experiment is before the holotape cuts off. In reality, there is no experiment, and Vault 23 is perfectly stocked as an ideal place. Vault-Dwellers are left to their own devices with the constant paranoia they're being experimented on. 

Our favourite was Vault 299, set on the seabed in Flordia and examining the effects of underwater life on a group of marine biologists. Those in the comments didn't take long to spot the similarities with BioShock, even suggesting the two worlds could be merged in the ultimate crossover. 

While we know the long-mooted Fallout 5 won't be heading outside of the United States, there's little else to go off. If Todd Howard needs some more Vault-Tec designers, he should probably check out this thread. 

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