Fallout’s $200 Vault 33 bag has us worried for another "bag-gate"

Fallout’s $200 Vault 33 bag has us worried for another "bag-gate"
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1st May 2024 17:07

We hope you've been saving your bottlecaps because a $200 Vault 33 backpack looks like it'll only be for the most exclusive Vault-Dwellers. The release of Amazon's live-action Fallout series has us all catching Fallout Fever, and with the franchise back on top, everyone wants a piece of the Wasteland.

Fallout merchandise is nothing new, and to celebrate Amazon's chart-topping series, you can now dress as Lucy (Ella Purnell) with your own Vault 33 backpack. The problem is, we've been here before with Fallout collabs, and some disgruntled gamers are casting their minds back to Fallout 76.

Fallout's Vault 33 bag reminds us of Fallout 76's bag-gate

We've known for a while that the official Bethesda store is selling Lucy's Vault 33 replica backpack, but when IGN shared that orders are now live, fans flocked to the comments to remind us how we've been burned before. Back in 2018, Bethesda was torn a new one for its botched release of the Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition.

Back then, the priciest version of the maligned multiplayer was supposed to come with a canvas bag. Instead, gamers were given a cheap nylon knock-off that was accused of pulling a switcheroo. It took seven months for the gaming giant to fix the mistake and ship fans the canvas bags they were promised.

Responding to the reveal of the Vault 33 bag, one critic wrote, "Just keep in mind it might arrive as a nylon bag." Another said, "Not after that fallout 76 bag fiasco, buddy," while a third concluded, "Did we not learn from the 76 bag debacle?

Even if not for the Fallout 76 PTSD, others called it out for simply not looking the part/ A particularly scathing comment reads, "Funny how it’s just a regular backpack but has the Fallout 33 logo steam pressed on there with a crappy yoga mat and they trying to get $200 for it."

What about a $200 Pip-Boy?

Fallout replica Pip-Boy from Bethesda
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Image via Bethesda Gear

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If backpacks for journeys across the Wasteland aren't your thing, how about splashing the cash on a replica Pip-Boy? While this one can sit on your wrists, most will be displaying it as the ultimate collector's item. Alongside the official Bethesda store, GAME UK is selling the $200/£200 Pip-Boy.

Limited to just one per customer (we're not sure why you'd need two), the replica Pip-Boy includes a TFT LCD screen, is a working timepiece, and includes "in-universe animations." Bethesda claims it's the most authentic Pip-Boy replica there is and is sure to fly off shelves. Let's just hope it's not another situation like the Fallout 76 bag.

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