MW2 Players Already Furious About Advanced 'G-Walk' Movement

MW2 Players Already Furious About Advanced 'G-Walk' Movement
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


23rd Nov 2022 12:39

Advanced movement is the most divisive debate in the current Call of Duty community, with many people believing that it allows for a skill gap to be created through better mechanics while others hate it due to the sweatiness and camera-breaking glitchiness.

Ever since jet packs were rolled out, the advanced movement has continued to develop, and after years of slide-cancelling and bunny-hopping, the skills were almost becoming essential to a player's kit.

Yet, Modern Warfare 2 wanted advanced movement scrapped, slowing down the slides and leaving those higher-skilled players with nothing but their guns to do their talking with. Until 'G-Walking' was found...

MW2 Players Break Movement With Advanced 'G-Walk' 

In a bid to plug the gap left by slide cancelling's axe, players have now created a 'G-Walk', which in essence, makes your operator bounce around like a chimpanzee on a tonne of GFuel.

The mechanic involves using Tac Sprint and crouching, which creates a sprint-cancel, but can also be used to cancel dives, and while it doesn't make a player's movement any faster, it does create a jarring change of direction which is proving a problem in public matches.

The Homo sapien-esque hobble is now being adopted by players on mouse and keyboard or overclocked controllers, and it has opened a divide once again.

Fans Already Hate The MW2 'G-Walk' 

Just a day after being found and going viral on Twitter, Modern Warfare 2 players have already begun to pull out the G-Walk in Shoot House playlists, leaving other players stunned.

It can also be used in Warzone 2 too, where it serves as a way of having unlimited Dead Silence, as the footsteps cannot be heard.

"I'm 41. I've got no shot against this cr*p," said one fan on Reddit, with another adding, "Straight up. At 43, I just pulled a hamstring watching this."

Other fans think that they've found the perfect counter too. "I've played enough Resident Evil to know a hearty shotgun blast to the face will put these sweaty monstrosities out of their misery," one fan claimed.

Infinity Ward has already shown their hand in the intentions to remove all advanced movement, so it wouldn't come to much surprise if the G'Walk was nerfed in the coming weeks.

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