MW2 Hopefuls Call For Advanced Warfare Feature To Return

MW2 Hopefuls Call For Advanced Warfare Feature To Return

Written by 

Jack Marsh


3rd Oct 2022 14:14

Advanced Warfare is Call of Duty's rogue prince. Criminally undervalued, often overlooked, and criticised for being different - even when its contrasting characteristics make for a beautiful medley. The longer we go without Advanced Warfare, the more fondly we look back and realise it was the Daemon Targaryen, Jack Sparrow, and Jess Pinkman of the Call of Duty world.

So, heading into yet another boots-on-the-ground title with the bi-annual Modern Warfare 2, there are a few reminiscent prayers being sung for AW. Players even want some Advanced Warfare features to be pulled out of the archives and married off to Modern Warfare 2.

MW2 Fans Want Advanced Warfare's Tac Reload Feature Back

It's no lie that Modern Warfare 2 has pulled in inspiration from titles like Rainbow Six and Escape from Tarkov. However, one feature that has changed with no influence from the outside is the common reload system. More specifically, the YY reload cancel and its removal. 

Having changed how the simple reload system works, fans have now called on the developers to pinch Advanced Warfare's Tac Reload. If this were implemented, it would allow players to quickly change mags and get on with life shooting and spraying.

The AW system saw players double-tap the reload controller bind, which resulted in a faster magazine change speed in exchange for losing your unwanted bullets (usually, Call of Duty players will find any unused bullets from a magazine being replenished to their overall arsenal).


Would Tac Reload Work in Modern Warfare 2?

The Advanced Warfare Tac Reload feature would allow players to manipulate their gameplay by experimenting with faster reloads, which balance out the omission of the YY cancel.

One fan added, "It would add more gravitas towards Infinity Ward's more "realistic" approach, and I wouldn't be averse to the idea necessarily either." Others also noticed that there is a Sleight of Hand perk in the game too, although this doesn't necessarily offer the tactical contemplation that Tac Reload does.

It's not quite the exo-suit boost which might solve evident movement problems, but it could add an important boost to players who like to get in the midst of the action and benefit from Modern Warfare 2's pacing issues.

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