Modern Warfare 2 Season 4 will bring back another previous Operator

Modern Warfare 2 Season 4 will bring back another previous Operator
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Jack Marsh


2nd Jun 2023 17:48

As we've been treated with Alejandro and El Sin Nombre in Season 3, Modern Warfare 2 Season 4 is set to continue the trend of bringing back old characters as new Operators.

Alejandro and Valeria's arrival in Modern Warfare 2 has been somewhat underwhelming, as their rivalry was bigged up to play a huge part in the ongoing storyline that would affect both Warzone and multiplayer, akin to how characters would break the landscape in Verdansk back in Season 3 of Modern Warfare 2019.

But this hype is being played down going into Season 4, which appears to be more of a bog-standard refresh tailored more for competitive multiplayer lovers and resurgence battle royale fans. There will be more familiar faces though...

Nikto to return in Modern Warfare 2 Season 4

If you hated Roze back in Modern Warfare 2019, you certainly didn't like Nikto too, whose Bloodletter skin was just as painfully invisible in dark areas of maps.

But it seems like he's destined to be approaching in the shadows again, as leaks suggest that he will be one of the Operators coming to MW2 Season 4.

The Russian Spetsnaz character has always donned a helmet in all five of his previously released skins, due to apparently having a disfigured face, and is usually not too far away from rocket launchers in any cinematic. 

What characters will be in Modern Warfare 2 Season 4?

Nikto Modern Warfare 2019
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Dataminers have all but confirmed the arrival of Nikto, but it's likely that he won't be the main attraction, at least on his own, unless there are some quite sleek Battle Pass skins coming his way.

Usually, there are three Operators per season in Modern Warfare 2, which leaves the door ajar for some fan favourites like Laswell or Nikolai to also be added.

There could even be room for some villains too, as the Campaign previously hinted towards Makarov being alive in this timeline, which could be a story developed in Raids or DMZ, or maybe we'll finally get our revenge on Graves - or an answer to whether he's dead or alive...

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