Players Think Modern Warfare 2 Villain Isn't Dead

Players Think Modern Warfare 2 Villain Isn't Dead
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Jack Marsh


26th Oct 2022 11:12

If you take on Task Force 141, you're basically digging an early grave. Yet in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, some people chance their arms at sending Ghost, Price, Soap, and co. to meet their makers. We won't spoil whether they're successful, however, fans think that the aggrieved villain in the MW2 campaign hasn't actually died... 

[Huge MW2 spoilers ahead...]

In the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, Commander Phillip Graves becomes quite the handy ally to have around, assisting TF141 from an AC130 in one mission and interrogating the Mexican Cartel leader turned MW2 simp queen Valeria in another.

But, he soon turns traitorous and decides to slaughter innocent civilians and policemen after shooting Soap and putting a bounty on the head of TF141. In typical fashion, Soap proves slippery and finally blows up the tank in which Graves is in - presumably killing him. Presumably... 

Fans Believe Graves Didn't Die In MW2

It's believed by many that Graves went up in a ball of flames in the final mission, but now a selection of the fan base has become sceptical at the lack of confirmation. As the leader of the Shadow Company - an outfit befitting of their name - many think that the fact we see no confirmation of Grave's charred corpse means that he's alive.

Graves managing to survive the C4 explosion to his tank wouldn't be the wildest thing to happen in CoD. Others noticed that we never actually see Graves enter the tank, despite taunting TF141 from atop it, further adding to the illusion that he may have slithered into the shadows and survived.


Is Graves Actually Dead?

"Graves is shown to be slick and smart the entire game, almost setting up the fact that there's some bait and switch here," one fan debated on Reddit. Modern Warfare 2 fans are led to believe that Graves is dead, but it wouldn't be the first time that the rebooted MW franchise has allowed someone to survive a huge explosion. MW2019's Alex was presumed dead in the last mission but was later to be confirmed alive (albeit with a prosthetic leg) in a Warzone cut-scene.

The post-credits scene also tries to convince fans that Makarov or another baddie is on the cards, although it could actually be Graves himself. As a rule of thumb, those characters that die off-screen might not always be dead after all, so the possibility of Graves returning from beyond the grave is quite strong.

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