Live-action Red Dead Redemption show is too good to be true

Live-action Red Dead Redemption show is too good to be true
Rockstar Games | Reddit u/Beamedx

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Tom Chapman


19th Jun 2023 16:03

Live-action video game adaptations are a dime a dozen these days, and yet, we've still not saddled up for an adaptation of Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption. The cowboy caper looks like it would be perfect for a live-action series, and now, we know what it could look like. 

From Deadwood to Westworld and all those classic Clint Eastwood movies, we know the Western genre is a popular one. Couple that with two of the most acclaimed video games of all time, and you should be onto a winner. After all, look at what HBO did with The Last of Us.

Fan creates live-action Red Dead Redemption series

Red Dead Redemption 2 if It was a TV series/Film
by u/Beamedx in reddeadredemption

Posting on Reddit, u/Beamedex shared a series of AI shots imagining what a live-action Red Dead Redemption series could look like. One shot looks like the likeness of Liam Hemsworth, while one character also looks suspiciously like Steve Carell, and Strauss looks like Ryan Reynolds.

Highlights include a live-action Dutch van der Linde, with other fans being blown away by the idea and quickly flooding the comments with their hype for the project. Not everyone was sold though, mainly calling out some dodgy AI being unable to recreate hands.

Still, it's got us thinking about who could star in a live-action Red Dead Redemption. As no stranger to video game adaptations, Henry Cavill said he could move on from The Witcher and ride into town for Red Dead movie. Jack Black has also thrown his stetson in the ring for a live-action RDR

Could a live-action Red Dead be on the way?

Red Dead Redemption Rockstar art
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Following the success of The Last of Us, it sparked hopes that Red Dead Redemption could follow in its footsteps. We've got upcoming outings for Fallout and God of War under Amazon, but any number of major networks could pick up RDR

Going against the idea, Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive has famously downplayed the idea of a GTA movie because the IP is simply too big. It's much the same with Red Dead, although a multi-season series would definitely work better than a movie. 

There's technically a Red Dead series that makes use of the games, although it's far from the Hollywood treatment the franchise deserves. What comes first though, a live-action Red Dead Redemption or Red Dead Redemption 3? Place your bets. 

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