Infinity Ward Promises To Combat Toxicity With New Report System

Infinity Ward Promises To Combat Toxicity With New Report System
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Jack Marsh


8th Nov 2022 11:18

Although we've embarked on a new journey within the Modern Warfare series and finally started to enjoy the prospect of playing some iconic maps once again, it's about time we leave the 'Modern Warfare 2 lobbies' in the past by sticking to clever and witty trash talk.

The lobbies of old have a notorious reputation that supersedes just Call of Duty, and is now used as a backward way of measuring the thickness of one's skin. "You wouldn't survive MW2 lobbies, snowflake."  This ideology is nothing but hooliganism and should be left behind, so that's exactly what Infinity Ward wants to do - unveiling a plan to reduce toxicity through an expanded in-game report system.

Modern Warfare 2 To Get Expanded Reporting System

Having previously revealed the intention is to crack down on toxicity through a new code of conduct, which all players had to accept before playing Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward has now overhauled the reporting system too. 

Taking to a Call of Duty blog, the developer has detailed ways in which players can specify the reason for reporting a fellow player, in a bid to speed up the manual review process.

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"The upgraded system also allows our moderation teams to restrict player features in response to confirmed player reports, as part of our security and enforcement policy," the developer concluded.

MW2's New Report System Details Six Ways To Get Banned

Players now have six options to choose from when submitting a report, with "cheating", "text chat - spam", "text chat - offensive", "voice chat - offensive", "username - offensive", and "clan tag - offensive", all being a one-way ticket to being banned.

You will also be able to use the "more details" option in the report feature to further assist in the review, before having the option to block players who you have been toxic.

"We look forward to making progress on this front together as we continue in the fight to make Call of Duty fair and fun for all," Infinity Ward added, clearly looking at keeping Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer a safer place to play. Will it work? Well, watch this space.

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