Call Of Duty Announces 500,000 Bans For Toxicity And Renews Code of Conduct

Call Of Duty Announces 500,000 Bans For Toxicity And Renews Code of Conduct

Written by 

Jack Marsh


14th Sep 2022 10:32

The Call of Duty franchise has renewed their stance against toxicity once again after announcing that they've recently enforced 500,000 bans and forced a further 300,000 accounts to change their name.

The stigma of toxicity is deep-rooted in Call of Duty since the old Modern Warfare 2 lobbies that appears nostalgic yet so horribly outdated.

But in a bid to stamp out noxious language and harmful taunts, the developers are making "a commitment to our community", by "scrubbing our global player database to remove toxic users."

Call of Duty Enforces 500,000 Toxicity Bans

Call of Duty toxicity was placed under the microscope back in the Modern Warfare 2019 era when a range of players changed their in-game names to the late George Floyd and other BLM-related phrases.

Since, the developers have pledged to ban players with offensive names and force players to change existing names that are related to political events. Three years down the line and the developers have now confirmed that they've enforced 500,000 bans and a further 300,000 account name changes.

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Following these bans, and the recent crackdown on toxicity, Call of Duty reports a 55% drop in the number of offensive username and clan tags reports.


Call Of Duty Updates Cod of Conduct To Battle Toxicity

Ahead of the return of Modern Warfare 2, where players will long remember the free-for-all pre-game lobby war of words and insults, Call of Duty has revisited their values and code of conduct.

"Treat everyone with respect", "compete with integrity", and "stay vigilant", kind of sound like the announcements on a PA at a train station, but these are now the strap lines enforced by Call of Duty. Players will be made top accept these terms in order to play Modern Warfare 2, with breaches of these resulting in bans.

"We know there is still a lot of work to do to combat toxicity, and we look forward to making progress together as a community," added the Call of Duty team.

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