HyDra Reportedly Offered $1.5million Salary Over 3-Year Contract

HyDra Reportedly Offered $1.5million Salary Over 3-Year Contract
New York Subliners

Written by 

Jack Marsh


17th Aug 2022 10:45

Known as the French Phenom, Paco "HyDra" Rusiewiez was destined to become the next great Call of Duty player when he first broke onto the scene. However, results and championships have been few and far between for the next-generational talent, and a storied controversy at New York Subliners hasn't quite seen him lift off in the fashion we once imagined.

Nonetheless, HyDra has blossomed into one of the most individually talented SMG players in the league, and New York's most valuable asset.

Amidst an already chaotic transfer window for the Subliners, it now appears that HyDra is to be their focal point on the next iteration of the roster, should he stay, and New York is throwing the bag at him to retain his signature.

Reports Suggest New York Subliners Have Offered HyDra $500k A Year To Stay

New York has wasted no time in telling Ian "Crimsix" Porter and Paul "PaulEhx" Avila that they are not in their plans for next season, which caused uproar itself. Since, they've also reportedly been snapping up now-free-agent Cesar "Skyz" Bueno and hoping to retain HyDra.

According to Call of Duty esports personality and content creator Ben Nassim, New York has entered a bidding war to retain HyDra (whose contract has expired at the organisation) and is willing to throw $500K a year to the Frenchman.

Nassim revealed the org was throwing around some serious cash to make him the second-highest paid player in the league behind Seth "Scump" Abner, on his latest YouTube upload, before the "half a million dollars" figure was later cemented by Thomas "ZooMaa" Paparatto when talking to Nassim on The Flank. 


HyDra Could Sign $1.5 Million Deal With New York Subliners

Nassim claimed that the org could also be looking to tie in HyDra to one of the new 3-year-long contracts (a Call of Duty League first for the Modern Warfare 2 season), taking his $500k a year to the bank three times over. 

The CDL is reported to have a salary cap of $1.2million per team (including substitutes) per year though, meaning that it might be hard for Subliners to build a team around HyDra after he's secured the keys to their kingdom. 

As to why HyDra is so valuable, especially when Crimsix, James "Clayster" Eubanks, and Dillon "Attach" Price are all on the market, may lie with his role.

Anthony "Methodz" Zinni took to The Flank to say, "SMGs are just worth more than ARs. There are very few ARs who are worth as much as an S-Tier SMG is, because [SMG players] are harder to come by. So, when you have an S-Tier SMG become a free agent, who, let's be honest, every team looking for an SMG player is after, you're going to have to offer something absurd to lock him in."

HyDra does have limitations in his marketing ability though, compared to the likes of heavily sponsored Attach, which makes this figure even more startling.

Whether the Frenchman will take the money or try his luck elsewhere is yet to be seen, but with Skyz on the way too, and HyDra taking up over a third of the wage budget, it might be hard for Subliners to find brand-boosting players to compliment their roster.

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