Crimsix Claims HyDra Is 'Dead To Him' Following Drop From Subliners

Crimsix Claims HyDra Is 'Dead To Him' Following Drop From Subliners
New York Subliners

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Jack Marsh


15th Aug 2022 13:34

New York Subliners' roster moves are quickly becoming the most entertaining changes in the Call of Duty League, with every swap being fuelled by drama. Their mid-season chaos saw James "Clayster" Eubanks clash with Ian "Crimsix" Porter in a battle of the veterans, with Travis "Neptune" McCloud caught in the crossfire.

The Subliners were able to sort themselves out for the latter end of the season though, despite being sat on a dismal 10 points towards the mid-season stage. Introducing Matthew "KiSMET" Tinsley and Paul "PaulEhx" Avila into the fold over both Clayster and Neptune saw Subliners' fortune flip on its head.

A miracle run at their own Stage 4 Major saw Subliners scrape into the World Championships by the skin of their teeth, even reaching the Grand Final in the split. However, come champs, their lineup wavered, and couldn't quite get over the line to reach the top four. Now, chaos has erupted again, and Crimsix is burning his bridges.

Crimsix Collides With Subliners Management After Being Dropped

It took just a matter of minutes after the context extension period to close for Crimsix and PaulEhx to reveal that they are not in Subliners' future plans, and Crimsix immediately took to popular talk show The Flank to express his frustration with the Subliners' coaches.

The three-time World Champ first disclosed that the roster made him compete for his place against Clayster in a trial that was dressed up to be the arrival of KiSMET, claiming that the org wanted him gone. 

Crim then turned on the coaches, saying that the three hired backroom staff were clashing heads, and it then affected the roster. Crim claimed that Head Coach Eshan "DREAL" Javed even lashed out at the new members of the team in a power-hungry burst, saying "The only reason you are on the team is that I'm choosing not to fire you".

Both Crimsix and PaulEhx also claimed that they'd been "manipulated, tricked, bamboozled, and hoodwinked". The duo detailed that they were informed that the organisation had plans to replace them both in the offseason, and that this was leaked to them before their Major 4 heriocs. 

Despite still being under contract at Subliners, PaulEhx revealed that the team were bringing in Cesar "Skyz" Bueno from Florida Mutineers and that this was signed, sealed and, delivered before Major 4. 

They even claimed that while the team were pouring their hearts out on stage to make the championship qualification cut-off, DREAL was fist-bumping Skyz in the arena.


Crimsix Claims 'HyDra Is Dead To Me'

The addition of Skyz is reportedly down to the decision of Paco "HyDra" Rusiewiez, who appears to be the player Subliners want to spearhead the roster in Modern Warfare 2. This decision isn't too surprising though, given that Hydra has been their standout performer since signing and has the potential to be an MVP player.

But Crimsix has held the grudge against Paco for being the reason he has been dropped. Amid a range of interpersonal problems, Crimsix then left the status on a sour note, claiming that HyDra was dead to him.

"So, honestly Paco, good luck in the future. You're f**king dead to me. You gotta find your heart and soul dude, you're the coldest motherf**ker I've teamed with in a while," Crim said.

Subliners' transfer window is expected to be rather spicy now, given that the status of Skyz's arrival is not yet confirmed, and another flex player is likely needed to bolster their ranks.

As for Crim, he joins Clayster and Dillon "Attach" Price in the gauntlet of free agency, where he'll need to compete for a spot on a new roster. 

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