Helldivers 2 gunships could be about to turn the tables on players

Helldivers 2 gunships could be about to turn the tables on players
Image via Arrowhead Game Studios | Disney

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Tom Chapman


2nd Apr 2024 11:42

The fight for democracy could be heading to the skies, as an ominous threat is looming above the planets of Helldivers 2. As wannabe Helldivers tool up to take on Teminids and Automatons, it seems the rumble of a new Illuminate faction isn't the only thing we need to be worried about. 

Arrowhead Game Studios' co-operative shooter is constantly churning out weapon balances, and with the Quasar Cannon feeling like it's OP, we were concerned a dangerous enemy was on the way. Boy, howdy, it looks like we were right.

Helldivers 2 teases Automaton gunships

If you look up in Helldivers 2, you might spot something new lurking amongst the clouds. As reported by PC Gamer, several redditors have been sharing images of cloaked Automaton gunships above their homeworld. The site confirmed that these ships are there, seemingly appearing in pairs.

Even when zooming in, it's hard to make out details of these new enemy vessels, although this can't be a good thing. What's most disconcerting is that the Automaton gunships are (currently) harmless. We were already warned that an aerial assault might be on the way, although we didn't expect it to happen so soon.

The Ministry of Defense previously teased Automaton gunships in a March 29 dispatch that said, "We did discover a transmission containing blueprints for a new Automaton type: aerial gunships. With this advance warning, our hardworking factory laborers have been instructed to accelerate production of our most effective anti-air weaponry."

We aren't alone in our worries, with other Helldivers quaking in their boots. Someone said, "Oh f**k, oh please, for the love of democracy Joel, dont give the automatons stratagems." It could be a lot of fun, as someone added, "Imagine if they add an event where we have to invade and fight inside of these (possibly?) Automaton ships."

Victory was short-lived

Malevelon Creek Helldivers 2
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Image via Arrowhead Game Studio

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The tease of Automaton Gunships comes after a major victory for Helldivers. We've just liberated Malevelon Creek (or Robot Vietnam, as fans knew it), but it's set to be a short-lived party. Although it took just hours to free Malevelon Creek following a targeted Major Order, we now have to defend it.

If Automaton gunships are on the way, there will be almost nowhere to hide. It's also unlikely that our aerial attacks will do much damage, suggesting we'll need even bigger weapons if we're supposed to take them down. Hopefully, there's some Helldiver Luke Skywalker out there who can fire a proton torpedo at their weak spots. 

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