Helldivers 2 fans want Arrowhead to tackle a Star Wars game next

Helldivers 2 fans want Arrowhead to tackle a Star Wars game next
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Tom Chapman


14th Feb 2024 12:44

Unless you've been marooned on some desolate planet, battling the bug-like Terminid scourge, you'll likely have heard a lot about Helldivers 2. Arrowhead Game Studios' third-person shooter is everywhere right now, and as Sony sits back and watches the money roll in, it has us thinking about a galaxy far, far away. 

As the long-awaited follow-up to 2015's Helldivers, the sequel does away with the first game's top-down perspective and enters the ever-crowded market of third and first-person shooters. Still, feeling like a truly AAA game and cleverly reimagining the Helldivers formula, it's no surprise Helldivers 2 is smashing records.

Helldivers 2 fans want a Star Wars game

Putting boots on the ground and letting you team up with pals to blast Terminid scum as well as Automaton robots, it's easy to imagine Arrowhead reskinning the idea with a different IP. Gears of War, Resistance, or what about Star Wars? As one of the biggest IPs out there, fans are now begging for an Arrowhead Star Wars game. 

Over on the Gaming Subreddit, one fan championed the idea of a Helldivers-esque Star Wars game where we drop Stormtroopers onto some far-off planet. To be honest, it could work with Jedi, the Rebel Alliance, and Mandalorians alike. As the OP writes, "I want to drop down as a clone on Geonosis fighting clankers."

They weren't alone in their musings, as someone else wrote, "I was thinking the same. Imagine a Mandalorian game with similar gameplay mechanics. That would be awesome." When someone pointed out that Republic Commando was effectively a single-player version, another said, "An upgraded new Republic Commando will be awesome."

Someone else concluded, "It's kind of funny how Helldivers does Starship Troopers better than even any of the official Starship Troopers games. Hell, even the first was great." Who says we need to stop at Star Wars? Imagine Arrowhead actually giving us a decent Alien game. 

Bring back the Star Wars shooter

Star Wars Battlefront Rebel Fight
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There has been no shortage of Star Wars shooters, but as the franchise has evolved, so has storytelling. Modern Star Wars titles like the Respawn's Jedi series and the upcoming Outlaws have cast Cal Kestis and Kay Vess as their leads instead of some nameless grunt.

Similarly, the divisive Star Wars Battlefront II from 2017 tried to add more of a story via Iden Versio. We're not going to complain because Star Wars has always been (pretty) good at crafting complex heroes and villains, but when it comes to what you want from a Star Wars shooter, it's largely the ability to hear the ping of your blaster.

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Back in the day, the original Star Wars Battlefront games let us jump into the trenches and really feel part of the action. The thread was full of plenty of comments about Helldivers 2 being what Battlefront II could've been if it hadn't been left to rot, and great, now we're wondering what could've been.

There have been rumblings about what Helldivers 2 DLC will contain and what could be next, but with someone suggesting a roadmap of DLC based on the likes of Star Wars and Terminator, we hope someone at Sony is paying attention. Come on, make it happen... This is the Way. 

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