Helldivers 2 Director promises it's ‘anti-pay-to-win'

Helldivers 2 Director promises it's ‘anti-pay-to-win'
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Joseph Kime


13th Feb 2024 10:45

In a pretty huge shock to everyone (including the game's team itself), Helldivers 2 is absolutely crushing it right now. The shooter had plenty of potential, farming the silliness and satires of Starship Troopers while distilling its essence into a group shooter.

Helldivers brings you together on the battlefield in a war for democracy against the universe's creepiest crawlies - but the game's successes have been unprecedented. Perhaps it's a lack of an exclusive shooter on PlayStation, but Helldivers 2 proved itself on Steam mere hours before the game launched.

Since then, it has been an absolute belter for TikTok clips and word-of-mouth excitement. This excitement can lead to disappointment down the road, though - and Arrowhead Game Studios has insisted that it doesn't intend to rip players off down the road.

Helldivers 2 is "anti-pay-to-win," claims its director

Taking on claims of a potential pay-to-win structure in Helldivers 2, Game Director Johan Pilestedt has commented on the microtransactions in the game and how they don't really amount to any claims of being able to shell out for ultimate dominion.

Responding to a video on Twitter that demonstrates players' ability to find Super Credits in the game itself, disproving claims of a pay-to-win system, Pilestedt has added his two cents about the game's bonus items, and how they won't make for a pay-to-win game.

"The only item that’s p2w is the revolver," he says in a quote tweet. "Which will win you any ‘cool gun’ competition. Only (minor) problem is that it’s not that good."

Helldivers 2 is listening to fan ideas for new features

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In the replies of the post pushing quietly against claims of a pay-to-win structure, one fan asked about the potential of adding increased power in player jetpacks - and Pilestedt mentioned that the team is already turning to Helldivers 2's community for their future plans.

"The team is reading and talking about feedback from you guys," he responded to the request. "So just mentioning it will spark ideas."

It's nice to see that the PS-exclusive shooter is already paying attention to what the fans are after, especially after the game's massive success in its first week. No pay-to-win features and a team that pays attention to its fans? We're already in for a winner with Helldivers 2.

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