Game of Thrones NFTs Immediately Sell Out

Game of Thrones NFTs Immediately Sell Out
Images: HBO

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Joseph Kime


12th Jan 2023 14:23

Some say that every time an NFT sells, a fairy dies. It still seems like we're doing this and despite public interest in the JPEG-ownership system baked into the blockchain tanking, NFTs are still doing the rounds. 

It seems as though there are still buffs out there, and though the price of many massive investments have plummeted, there are some NFT projects performing incredibly well. Now, there's a sellout NFT line that's based on a pretty massive property.

Game of Thrones NFT Project Sells Out Instantly

The very first collection of Game of Thrones NFTs has been put on sale. If you want one, good luck because they've been immediately snapped up by fans.

The new series of digital cards is called Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm. It was out for a matter of moments but sold out in record time, with even the cards that reflect basic materials like meat and textiles being sold sharpish.

"Nifty's, Daz3D, HBO and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products are proud to present Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm," says a press release explaining the project. "This multi-chapter program will give collectors the opportunity to build their realm through themed community activities, upgradable avatars and digital collectibles including iconic moments, locations, characters, and more from the TV series."

Given iconic characters like Ned Stark or even the divisive Daenerys Targaryen, these NFTs looked linked to George R.R. Martin's works and the hit HBO series in name alone. They might have sold incredibly fast, but that's not enough for fans - because they hate them.

Game of Thrones Fans Rag On Build Your Realm

It looks like if you look away from the strong sales of these NFTs, Game of Thrones fans aren't impressed by them. One particular model is used as an example of the incredibly poor quality of these digital collectables.

As well as being compared to viral sensation Salad Fingers, this long-fingered fellow has brought back memories of how much viewers hated Game of Thrones Season 8.

One critic sarcastically grumbled, "Wow can't believe how good this came out.. Well done nifty, creators can be proud of themselves." Another added, "Wen upgrade to PS2 graphics? Wa gwan with the hands???"

It's a little vindicating to see another NFT project get slated online, but equally, it's a shame that people have spent so much on lines of code that look like something Drogon passed. Don't worry though, a second run is on the way... sorry.

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