Hardcore Mode Is Coming To Modern Warfare 2 In Season 2

Hardcore Mode Is Coming To Modern Warfare 2 In Season 2
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


23rd Jan 2023 17:19

In addition to the white-collar halfway house that is Tier 1, Hardocre mode is coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, where there'll be no prisoners left standing.

Many of Call of Duty fans were bemused when Infinity Ward rolled out its Season 1 alternative playlist - labelled Tier 1. Especially given that it appeared to be everything that is usually compacted into Hardcore.

But, Modern Warfare 2 players realised that the HUD and Killfeed would pop up in Tier 1, differing from years gone by and better reflecting the Modern Warfare 2019 Realism mode.

Infinity Ward Confirms Hardcore for MW2 Season 2

Heading into the second season of Modern Warfare 2 - after its two-week delay - Infinity Ward has now promised that amongst a range of new multiplayer content will be a Hardcore playlist. 

Taking to Twitter, the developers simply said, "No HUD? No problem. Hardcore is back!" Modern Warfare 2 might be in a state of flux, but there's more coming to Season 2 by the way.

It comes as a string of necessary game modes are being added or adjusted, landing alongside the likes of Ranked and Warzone's Resurgence.

Is Hardcore Replacing Tier 1 In Modern Warfare 2?

With the arrival of Hardcore to Modern Warfare 2, it seems as though it will serve as a third spoke of the core multiplayer experience by joining both standard Quick Play and Tier 1.

All three modes are expected to have their own game playlists rather than one overarching moshpit, although it could see Tier 1 be adapted in the future depending on its popularity when Hardcore arrives.

So, at least you'll have a much better way to get your longshots in for your Orion grind, as who can be bothered challenging snipers with an M16 in standard games?

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