Halo Infinite Leaks Tease Buzz Lightyear Crossover

Halo Infinite Leaks Tease Buzz Lightyear Crossover
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Joseph Kime


17th Jan 2022 16:17

Halo Infinite is starting to lean into silliness, and it's becoming all the better for it.

Though it stands shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield, it seems like Halo is taking the Fortnite route in not caring much for hyper-realism, and it's as though the series is happy to embrace a less serious attitude.

It's clear that grittiness isn't in the franchise's bag, with the cat ears cosmetic taking over the game with little resistance, and the possibilities of the shooter have opened up hugely since it made itself clear that the future of warfare wasn't exactly the first thing on 343 Industries' ticklist.

And now, as a new leak has suggested a bizarre crossover, it's about to get weirder.

Halo Infinite Leaks Buzz Lightyear Crossover

A user has dug around in Halo Infinite's files to discover that the game's Warthogs could be getting their own skins in the future.

The skins give the vehicles a lovely fresh lick of paint, with a series of exciting colourways - but none are more exciting than the one out in front, with a primarily white body with purple and green accents. It looks just like the spacesuit worn by Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear, and it's got fans thinking - could a new crossover with the character be on the way?

It makes perfect sense, as the new origin story Lightyear is set to launch this year, and if this skin is a part of a promotional push, then it'd do both the game and film wonders. And fans are fascinated by the idea.

Fans React To Buzz Lightyear Warthog Skin

Fans are puzzled by the potential crossover (if this isn't just a fun placeholder), but they're excited about the possibilities. "If they release a Buzz Lightyear colour coating for Spartans I don't think I'll be able to continue the strike against store prices :(", says one commenter.

But, some players still aren't happy with 343 over their microtransaction prices and are still resisting. "I'll pay for a battle pass if the content is good. And even that's reluctant. For everything else: NO", says another.

Though controversial in the presumption that this skin will come with an extra charge, it's an interesting addition to the game that could be fun - and who knows, maybe the Buzz Lightyear skins will take over the game just as the cat ears have.


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