Halo Infinite Battle Royale Teased By New Studio

Halo Infinite Battle Royale Teased By New Studio
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Joseph Kime


27th Sep 2022 11:52

Halo Infinite has had to play catch-up with player expectations for its whole life. The sci-fi shooter launched with great promise and the indication of even greater things to come, yet almost a year after launch, those great things aren't yet materialising.

Whether it's a co-op campaign, an official Forge mode, or the long-awaited battle royale, the team at 343 Industries has failed to keep up with their own promises and has let down many fans. As players have since moved on from Halo Infinite after growing tired of waiting around for the content to arrive, there aren't many to hear the calls - but the studio rumoured to be developing Halo's battle royale mode has issued a statement.

What's Going On With The Halo Infinite Battle Royale Mode?

Halo Infinite Battle Royale Teased By New Studio
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The studio rumoured to be working on the much-hyped battle royale spin-off is Certain Affinity. Now, those behind the scenes have teased what they're working on for the game. Thankfully, they're definitely selling it well ahead of launch. 

"The biggest thing we're doing that's public right now, for more than two years now we've been working on Halo Infinite doing something that - they're very prescriptive about what we can say," says the company's executive Paul Sams to VentureBeat.

"But we're doing something unannounced, and we're doing lead development on that unannounced thing, from conception and design. It's something big and new for the franchise. But I can't say any more about it. That's our single largest project of our three projects currently. We have close to 100 developers working on that."


What Else Has Certain Affinity Been Working On?

Not many Halo fans have been familiar with Certain Affinity's work, but that's mostly because it's been working as a supportive studio to other developers. If it can pull off a Halo Infinite battle royale (and it's a big if), it could be a studio to keep your eye on.

For the time being, Certain Affinity is known well in game development for its supporting work on New World and Hogwarts Legacy. Now, it looks like it could be making a new name for itself with its contributions to Halo Infinite. The prospect of something brand-new for Halo is an exciting one, and to be honest, we'd be surprised if it wasn't a battle royale debut. If it ever materialises, that is.

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