Halo Boss Teases The Return Of Classic Maps

Halo Boss Teases The Return Of Classic Maps
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9th May 2022 12:48

Halo Infinite's multiplayer mode is still going strong in the face of a lot of competition. The novelty of a new Halo game has now worn off, and as a testament to its quality, Infinite still has a strong player base after its growing pains at launch.

Contrary to the reputations of previous Halo sequels in recent years, Infinite has managed to hold on to relevance with a season structure and promise of constant updates (which are admittedly hit-or-miss). It's working nicely for 343, and with a battle royale mode supposedly on the way, there's a lot yet to look forward to. For fans of classic Halo, there's a LOT more fun to be had.

Halo Boss Teases Classic Maps

For fans of classic Halo, there may be some good news coming - as one of the members of the game's team has hinted that there could be some classic maps set to return to Halo Infinite.

In a recent chat with Kinda Funny, Joseph Staten, the Creative Head of Halo Infinite, has suggested we could see some returning maps in the game. "I think we all have our favourite; Guardian, Blood Gulch, The Pit. There are a lot of maps that are awesome, right?" said Staten.

"I think it would be awesome to play on those again, don't you guys? That sounds like a fun thing." Not exactly subtle, but effective. There are no guarantees with this statement, but it seems that Staten is enthusiastic about bringing some old maps into the game.


When Will Classic Maps Come To Halo Infinite?

It's unknown when these classic maps could be making a return to Halo, but a lot of players are going to be desperate to see them arrive - because while some gamers are still loving the game, others absolutely are not.

The troubled title's structure has been underwhelming for many, beginning with an incredibly slow level-up system and introducing a new problem with every update. There are increasing numbers of grouchy Spartans who are growing impatient with the slow response time from 343 Industries.

Classic Halo maps are far from confirmed, but just like Call of Duty churns out a regular crop of familiar faces, it makes sense to cash in on retro nostalgia. Here's hoping that the maps land soon and are able to win back some fans who have since fallen out of love with the game - because let's be honest, we'd all be running back for Blood Gulch.


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