Ned Luke just made Michael’s GTA 6 return more likely

Ned Luke just made Michael’s GTA 6 return more likely
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14th Nov 2023 14:40

Finally, we know that GTA VI is officially on the way. To be truly honest, it feels weird coming out of our mouths. So many years after the last mainline title in the series dropped, we can finally see something approaching over the horizon for fans of vehicular manslaughter and radio station belters.

Even though a wealth of leaks have pointed towards story details, we still don't entirely know what awaits us in the game in the way of narrative. We assume we'll see some familiar faces, and now, one voice actor has just offered us a tease that his character could be gearing up for a return appearance.

Ned Luke stokes the fire of GTA speculation

It looks like we're either subject to a massive troll, or there's a chance that GTA V's Michael De Santa could be ready for a comeback. With a cryptic tweet, voice actor Ned Luke has implied that his return is on the table.

Rockstar Universe on Twitter posted an image of Michael from GTA V counting money, saying that "we need him back one more time." It's a sentiment echoed by fans everywhere, and apparently, it's echoed by Luke himself. He quote tweeted the call for Michael's return with five star emojis. Hmm.

We know that this could just be a wink to the camera from Luke, but it's got up the hopes of players everywhere - and we all know just how far down the rabbit hole GTA fans are ready to crawl.

Fans react to GTA's returning Michael tease

Players have taken to the replies of Luke's teaser tweet, and they're lambasting him for giving them a mere tease when they need answers. One fan wrote, "The wait already hurts, don’t put salt in the wound 😭," while another added, "Is it official or not? Tell us 😫."

A third said, "Ned I love you, but you’re giving me an ulcer with this stuff," and a third simply concluded, "Stop baiting us." It turns out that Ned Luke is just as slippers as his video game counterpart. We hopefully won't have long to wait, with a GTA 6 trailer seemingly just around the corner. 

It's a compelling tweet, and it's likely just a minor tease to get fans going - but it's definitely worked. This isn't the first time Luke has set the rumour mill turning that an older Michael will be back in GTA 6, but just like Rockstar likes to have a little fun with us, we won't get our hopes up just yet. 

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