GTA V's Michael De Santa Is Coming To GTA Online

GTA V's Michael De Santa Is Coming To GTA Online
Rockstar Games

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Tom Chapman


7th Jun 2022 15:09

Forget our hopes of Grand Theft Auto 6, it's clear Rockstar Games isn't letting the juggernaut that is GTA V bow out anytime soon. It's been nearly a decade since we first met Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, but with GTA V becoming the most profitable entertainment product of all time, it's rightly earned its place in the history books.

GTA V's ongoing success doesn't come from the recent Expanded & Enhanced reminding us why the game was great, but from its GTA Online spin-off. First releasing in 2013, GTA Online has kept things fresh with constant updates and even the odd link to the wider Grand Theft Auto world instead of new content like the Cayo Perico Heist.

Is Michael De Santa Coming To GTA Online?

According to VG247, a strange new NPC has appeared in GTA Online. A datamine dive into the new-gen GTA Online seemingly includes a new scenario point called "movie_set." There's a specifically assigned NPC that appears between 7 am and 11 am in-game time in front of the Record A Studios.

Given Michael De Santa's ties to the movie industry and several movie-related references in the Vespucci Job Remix, fans think he'll join Trevor and Franklin in GTA Online. Before you get your hopes up for a massive content drop similar to a heist, it could be something much smaller - possibly a limited-time event.

You'll remember that Shawn Fonteno reprised his role as Franklin for the Dr. Dre-led The Contract update. Here, there was confirmation that Michael survived his possible death at the end of GTA V, with a mention that he carried on working for Solomon Richards at the Richards Majestic Studio. 


Is GTA Online Getting A GTA IV Crossover?

Some of you might be questioning where that long-rumoured GTA IV crossover is? We've heard a lot about a potential Liberty City expansion, with various teases that the next supersized GTA Online crossover could bring Niko Bellic and his old stomping ground to online multiplayer as arguably its biggest expansion yet.

It is possible that we'll get Liberty City and Michael at the same time, but remembering they're from completely different chapters of the franchise, we're struggling to see the connection. Dare we wish for both? Imagine a Liberty City expansion coming first, with the Michael datamine being another hint of what's to come further down the line. With Franklin and Trevor already appearing in GTA Online, it was only a matter of time until Michael completed the trifecta of anti-heroes.

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