GTA Online Update Honours Die Hard As A Christmas Movie

GTA Online Update Honours Die Hard As A Christmas Movie
Images via 20th Century Fox | Rockstar Games

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Tom Chapman


23rd Dec 2022 15:32

We're climbing to the top of Nakatomi Plaza, as Grand Theft Auto Online once again answers the question of whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

The festive season is known for its video game crossovers, and while Call of Duty's Klaus bundle honours the big guy himself, GTA is celebrating John McClane and his ass-kicking ways. GTA Online has remained popular for a decade - thanks mainly to its constant updates - and 2022's Christmas is a "cracker." 

GTA Online Has A Die Hard Rip-Off

A fine dusting of snow is covering San Adreas, with a whole host of presents ensuring we'll be playing GTA Online this year. Firstly, logging in over the next week will earn you a Candy Cane melee weapon.

As for movie homages, the first is a not-so-subtle nod to The Grinch. A holiday-hating creature known as "The Gooch" is causing havoc, but if you can survive his onslaught and take him out, you'll earn money and a special Gooch mask.

"Crime certainly spikes around the holidays: everyone's flush with gifted cash, after all," says Rockstar's description. "So, beware of The Gooch, a nefarious opportunist now roaming the streets and lurking in the shadows, looking to empty the pockets of unsuspecting players while causing grievous bodily harm."

Our Die Hard event takes place at Weazel Plaza, where the Weazel News holiday party has been gatecrashed by some villainous robbers. There's a stand-off with police, and if you take part you can earn a holiday skin for the Pistol Mk II. 

"Keep an eye on the sky above Weazel Plaza for robbers in a tense shootout with a LSPD helicopter," says Rockstar Games. "Get involved, strip the thieves of their wallet and pick up a brand-new weapon befitting of your vigilante heroics."

What Else Is In GTA Online's Christmas Celebration?

It's not just movie madness in GTA Online. Dotted around the map are 25 snowmen. If you find them all and destroy them (oh, you meanie), you'll get a snowman outfit, money, and RP.

There's also double GTA$ on Acid Lab Sell Missions, triple money and RP on Beast Vs. Slasher, and double GTA$ and RP on all Rockstar Created, Rockstar Verified, and Community Series Races. Sadly, there's no news on that rumoured Die Hard crossover for Fortnite.

It means there's plenty to lure you back into GTA Online - even if you're just hunting for clues toward GTA 6. At least we can have some fun practising our best Hans Gruber impression and hunting down the Gooch to see out 2022.

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