GTA 6 Scam Makes Players Download A Fake Game

GTA 6 Scam Makes Players Download A Fake Game
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Tom Chapman


18th Aug 2022 14:13

While the gaming world is burning rubber with the hype surrounding Grand Theft Auto, we need to remember GTA 6 is only in the rearview mirror of Rockstar Games. It's been nine years (and counting) since we last had a GTA game, and although we've heard development is "well underway," don't expect it to suddenly land in your lap for Christmas.

Despite the massive gap between games, the reason the GTA universe has remained at the forefront of the cultural conversation is thanks to GTA Online and its continued updates. Rockstar has tried the same with Red Dead Online, but as we all know, that didn't exactly turn out the same. As we look out for even the slightest sniff of GTA 6, players are warned to watch out for a scam worthy of Simeon the Scammer. 

What Is The GTA 6 Scam?

GTA Scam
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Whenever GTA 6 releases, it's sure to be a similar phenomenon to its predecessors. With GTA V being the most profitable entertainment product of all time, it's baffling to think how much money GTA 6 could make. Considering all the hype surrounding the next entry, gamers are sure to sell their own grandma for a chance to check it out before everyone else. The problem is, a mythical open beta is presumably a long way off.

Over on Reddit, u/Ya_Boi_uh_SkinnyPeni1 shared a cover for GTA 6, featuring some realistic-looking artwork and stylised Roman numerals. Beneath, you're encouraged to click the link and download the game for free. Uh... we see a slight problem with that one. For a start, since when is Rockstar ever going to give you GTA 6 for free?

When one redditor said, "Free? No sh*t," another added, "Yeah man just pop in your credit card details and you're good to go." Another joked, "Ah yes, I love me some malware," while a third said, "That website should be called virus simulator." The problem is, this ad appearing on YouTube will undoubtedly lure in some poor unfortunate souls. Not all of us are savvy enough to realise this is clearly malware or a scam to clear your bank account of its money. 


Watch Out For GTA 6 Scams

Earlier this year, redditor u/LegalWallhacks (suspicious name) pointed to a similar ad that masquerades itself as GTA 6. Back then, wary fans pointed out it even came slapped with the Rockstar logo for an added element of authenticity. The logo has been slightly edited to presumably avoid a full copyright violation, but come one, you can see what's going on here. 

It's something of a frustrating turn that ads like this are still plaguing the internet, while meanwhile, Take-Two Interactive seems too busy sweeping the modding community and axing anything that remotely puts its money-making tactics at risk. Before the release of the maligned GTA Trilogy, there was a modding massacre that wiped out remasters of older GTA games. Ironic that the work of modders is largely better than what Grove Street Games delivered. As we wait for official word from up high, keep your eyes peeled for those sneaky scams.

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