GTA 6 Map Leak Shows Off Huge Size Compared To GTA V

GTA 6 Map Leak Shows Off Huge Size Compared To GTA V
Images via Rockstar Games

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Joseph Kime


11th Oct 2022 09:00

Rockstar Games has a lot of hype to contend with when it comes to its next game, especially given it's the might of Grand Theft Auto. After GTA V went on to the be the most profitable entertainment product of all time, it's safe to say that GTA 6 is poised to be one of the biggest games ever made.

So, of course, the game's sequel is expected to be a massive hit that dominated the market, as well as bigger than its GTA predecessor in almost every way. Luckily, leaks are beginning to prove that in a very literal way, it will be true.

Leaks Reveal Massive GTA 6 Map

With a much-hyped return to Vice City, coordinates for key locations that will apparently appear on the GTA 6 map have started doing the rounds. Now, one Reddit user has used these coordinates compared to the map of GTA V's Los Santos - to prove just how huge the GTA 6 map will be.

The condensed information comes courtesy of U/ChurchofGTA in the GTA 6 subreddit, showing off a map that peppers the coordinates of the leak across a board, while featuring Los Santos at its core. The coordinates are mapped out beyond the confines of the Los Santos map, with some locations even being beyond the viewable area. 


This all but proves that the upcoming GTA 6 map is going to be huge, and much bigger than we're used to with previous games in the franchise. Then again, with it already being nearly 10 years since GTA V - and Rockstar trying to outdo itself - we always knew the developer would reach for the stars.


GTA 6 Will Be A "Creative Benchmark"

Of course, to know that the GTA 6 map is set to be pretty huge is great news, but it doesn't seem as though the area is going to be empty. Take-Two Interactive claims that it's going to be a big deal for the progression of the interactive medium.

Stating an in an earnings call, Take-Two has said that as development gets underway, Rockstar is "determined to set creative benchmarks for the series, industry and entertainment." It might be a bit of a tall order with lofty ambitions, but if anyone can do it, it's Rockstar. Let's see it then, team.

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