GTA 6 Could Be Overhauling Its Wanted System

GTA 6 Could Be Overhauling Its Wanted System
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Joseph Kime


3rd Oct 2022 10:28

We know more about GTA 6 than we should, and depending on how you look at it, it's equally a good and a bad thing. It's certainly exciting to get a peek into the development process of what could be the biggest gaming of all time, but it has left players giving the game grief before it has even left its testing phase.

These unintended leaks have left a frustrating online discourse that practically misses the point of early development. No matter where you stand on the GTA leaks themselves, we know more than Rockstar intended. Up there with the biggest leaks, some fans think they've discovered an overhaul of the police and Wanted system in GTA 6

Will The Police Change In GTA 6?

One Reddit user has been poking around in the leaks and discovered that the Wanted system could be in for a big change. "From the leaked footage there appears to be a timer associated with when the police will arrive on scene," reads the user's post in the GTA 6 subreddit.

They added, "While this is possible it's just an expansion to the heist mechanic where your crew affects this, I suspect it's so much more." The new system seems to imply that the police response time will vary depending on the crime itself and its intensity.

If this is the case, a little car crash will see a slower police arrival than if you've robbed a corner store and shot someone. One fan loved the idea and said they hope it plays out like Mafia where the police remember what you're wearing and your car. This revamped Wanted system would definitely be an interesting and immersive new touch, which could contribute to GTA 6 being the best game in the franchise yet.


When Are We Getting GTA 6?

We still have no idea when we're getting our hands on the new and improved GTA experience, but chances are, it's still a while off. The leaked footage is reportedly from early in development, but if we assume it's from more recently, it's unlikely the game will be done soon.

We'd originally heard a lot about a mythical 2025 release date, but now, most are hoping for 2026. With GTA 6 seeming to grow by the minute, there's every chance it could exceed expectations or crumble under its own weight. Only those within Rockstar know when we'll find out more about GTA 6, but one thing's for sure, we're readier than ever to find out what's new. Sound the police sirens. 

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