GTA 6 Could Be Here Sooner Than We Think

GTA 6 Could Be Here Sooner Than We Think
Rockstar Games

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Tom Chapman


31st Jan 2022 11:12

While Rockstar Games seems like it's keeping us in the dark with all things Grand Theft Auto, the latest leaks claim the sixth main entry in the automotive franchise could be racing over the horizon. Dare we wish for GTA 6 in 2022?

Since 1997, Rockstar made us climb the ranks of the San Andreas mob and kick prostitutes to the curb in the process. With 2013's GTA V being the most profitable entertainment product of all time, the bar is high for the next chapter to perform. Still, there's the million-dollar question of when GTA 6 will release. 

What's The Latest GTA 6 News? 

We know it might seem like we're in the same ol' cycle of GTA 6 news, but the latest sounds more promising than most. According to trusted GTA leaker Matheus Victor (via GTA NEWS & LEAKS), Rockstar is adding songs to the game's radio stations. Why this is a potentially landmark moment is because this is typically one of the last parts of a title's production.

The tweet is translated from Spanish and reads, "Something internal was revealed to me recently, but I can't say much. Referring to some songs from some radio stations that may be present in the next title in the Grand Theft Auto franchise." GTA NEWS & LEAKS adds,  "It is believed radio stations and songs are the last step in the late game development. Past GTA 6 leaks suggested it entered GTA 6's in 2019."

Looking at the track listings, others have suggested this is our best indication yet that we're going to revisit Vice City - with a modernised twist. Apparently, we'll be driving around to the likes of Rihanna and Eminem's "Numb", Santogold's "Disparate Youth", and Pet Shop Boy's "Domino Dancing." Rockstar is notoriously cagey with development, but for once, we're optimistic about the GTA 6 release date

Is GTA 6 Coming Out In 2022?

Sure, this news is a positive sign considering GTA 6 has long lay dormant in the rumoured depths of development hell, but it's still a long way from booting it up on your new-gen console. Just because GTA 6 might be entering its final stages, it doesn't mean it will be out before the year is done.

Most likely, we can hope for an official announcement in 2022. Even then, 2023 or 2024 is looking plausible. Then again, picture the scene where it's 2022 and GTA 6 comes along to knock Elden RingPokemon Legends: Arceus, and even God of War Ragnarok off their pedestals as the year's biggest games. Stranger things have happened on the gaming scene. 


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