A cryptic job posting from Sucker Punch Productions has teased a potential announcement for Ghost of Tsushima 2.

00:31, 17 Jan 2021

Cue the Kill Bill music and look out for the swish of a Samurai sword because it looks like Sucker Punch Productions is about to give Ghost of Tsushima 2 the green light. While the end of 2020 was dominated by huge releases including Sony's Spider-Man: Miles MoralesCall of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and that whole Cyberpunk 2077 debacle, it's easy to forget last year was also massive for Sony in terms of PlayStation exclusives. Alongside the long-awaited release of The Last of Us Part II, we had a very different adventure in the form of Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima

As we headed to Fuedal Japan and toured this beautiful backdrop, Ghost of Tsushima got the jump on what Assassin's Creed fans have been constantly asking for - an open world Samurai adventure. Rarely has a game looked as visually stunning as Ghost of Tsushima, which also broke Sucker Punch's records as the developer's fastest-selling game. We won't ruin the ending here, but there's more than enough scope to revisit the story of Jin Sakai in some form, with the open plains of Japan and its sprawling regions also offering up plenty of opportunities to try something new. With this in mind, a new job listing at Sucker Punch has once again caused a stir about a potential Ghost of Tsushima sequel.


Ghost of Tsushima 2: What do we know?

In October, we wrote about how Sucker Punch was looking for a Narrative Writer, which seemingly teased some form of Tsushima continuation. Now, another job listing has just appeared on the developer's site, looking for a Combat Designer. If that didn't already conjure up images of Ghost's epic combat system where you crossed blades with the Mongols, the description is what throws fuel on the sequel fire. As well as stating the ideal candidate “must have played Ghost of Tsushima", Sucker Punch is looking for someone who understands the original game's  “core combat systems". The job listing then adds: 

"Do you dissect the combat and core systems of all games you play? Do you delight in knowing the details of attack or parry timing and count frames? Then we would like to talk to you! We are looking for people who are passionate about living and breathing Combat Design.


"Sucker Punch games focus on strong and innovative player abilities mixed with rich storytelling and challenging encounters. As a Combat Designer, you’re in the middle of this, creating the glue for content and systems, helping create a cohesive and exhilarating experience". 

It's currently a mystery what Sucker Punch is working on, but two job listings that seem to be Tsushima-centric is a little too coincidental. Previously, some have suggested devs could be rolling out DLC content, however, it seems odd not to have announced this already as part of a post-release roadmap. We know it won't be for multiplayer because the Ghost of Tsushima: Legends expansion brought that into the game in October.


Will there be a Ghost of Tsushima 2?

Despite the first game's newcomers status, the idea of Ghost of Tsushima 2 becoming a reality is up there with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in terms of fan-favourite pipe dreams. Similar to Respawn Entertainment remaining tight-lipped on whether we'll see Cal Kestis again for Fallen Order 2, Sucker Punch hasn't given anything (officially) away on when/if it will tackle a Tsushima sequel. Considering it's so fresh off the blocks, the listing presumably isn't for a next-gen remastering - Ghost of Tsushima running fine on PlayStation 5.


Even if it's not a full-blown sequel, we could see something in the vein of Miles Morales, which was effectively much more than a DLC to tide us over until the release of Spider-Man 2. With Ghost of Tsushima winning a slew of awards, selling over five million copies, and having the honour of being the PlayStation 4's fastest-selling first-party original IP debut, it has to be a case of when Sucker Punch returns to this bloody yet beautiful world. For the time being, we're left practicing our Samurai skills and setting out on a mission of vengeance against anyone that thinks we don't need another Tsushima game. 



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Images via Sucker Punch Productions

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