G7 Scout skins are still suffering problems with their sights in Apex Legends Season 6.

11:04, 07 Sep 2020

Each season of Apex Legends has rewarded players with stunning weapon skins for reaching Tier 100 and Tier 110 of the battle pass. In the past, we've seen the dragon-like R-301 skins from Season 2, while Season 5 graced us with a beautiful set of Wingman skins. Each season, players have ground their way through ten weeks of challenges to reach the climax of the battle-pass and flex these beautiful weapons.

Season 6 is no different. Tier 100 of the battle pass grants you a Supersonic G7 Scout skin. It's a white futuristic skin with a chunkier build around the nose of the assault rifle and around the iron sights, which also illuminate upon impact and upon getting a kill. Tier 110 goes one step further with the G7 Scout Hypersonic skin, with a matte gold look and a dipped in molten, as flames emit from the weapon upon impact. Just rewards for the journey to get to Tier 100. 

However, players have found that the G7 Scout Hypersonic skin (Tier 110) has a horrendous bug when aiming down the sights.


I’ll delete this if it has been posted already, but the level 110 G7 skin sight is bugged. Has happened with sights on as well. from r/apexlegends

Reddit user u/_babyray displays the bug, after tremendously reaching Tier 110 in just four weeks. A hell of a grind or a sore hole in their wallet. 

The flames that emit from the long-ranged rifle have left an orange glow over the iron sights, meaning that when the user aimed down the sights, they were met with nothing but an eyesore. Covering almost everything you need to be seeing when aiming, the bug renders the gun almost useless. The user also stated that it "has happened with sights on as well", meaning that even a 3x HCOG sight wouldn't improve a player's visibility.

After going the distance to achieve this marvellous skin, the Hypersonic G7 Scout skin has been riddled with this bug, and hopefully, Respawn will look to correct this so players can enjoy what they've earnt.

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Image via Respawn Entertainment

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